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At Tigerairline, we prioritize your satisfaction and aim to provide you with a seamless travel experience. To ensure transparency and convenience, we have compiled a comprehensive set of policies for your reference.

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Our policies cover various aspects of your journey, including name changes, seat changes, flight cancellations, check-in procedures, and travel with minors. We have designed these policies to be flexible and accommodating, allowing you to manage your reservations and travel plans with ease.

In order to help travelers manage the complexity of the business, Stanley Mathews, an expert in airline policy, offers helpful insights and current information.

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Name Change

The Airlines Name Change Policy details the rules and procedures for changing a passenger’s name on a flight reservation. It provides guidelines on how to modify a name due to personal reasons or errors. Passengers can refer to this policy to understand the necessary steps and requirements involved in making a name change.

Seat Change

The Airlines Seat Change Policy sets out the guidelines for modifying seats on a flight reservation. Passengers can refer to this policy to understand the process, including any fees or limitations associated with seat changes. It also provides information on how to request a seat change, such as contacting customer service or using self-service options.

Flight Cancellation

The Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for canceling a flight reservation. It provides passengers with information on fees, penalties, and available options for cancellation.


The Airlines Check-in Policy provides passengers with the necessary information and guidelines for the check-in process before a flight. This policy typically specifies the recommended time frame for check-in, such as a few hours before departure or a specific number of minutes before the scheduled flight time.

Minor Policy

The Airlines Minor Policy outlines guidelines for children and minors traveling alone or with adults. It covers age restrictions, necessary documentation, and safety considerations to ensure a secure travel experience.

Manage Booking

The Airlines Manage Booking Policy provides passengers with information on how to make changes to their flight reservations. It outlines the procedures and guidelines for modifying travel dates, updating passenger information, adding services, or requesting refunds. Passengers can refer to this policy to understand the applicable fees, limitations, and available methods for managing their bookings.

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