Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

It is possible for passengers to enter their names incorrectly when making a reservation. The name could be misspelled. In other instances, travelers may be required by law to change their names.

When flying with Alaska, you can relax about these changes. The Alaska Airlines policy on name alterations and corrections includes a variety of options.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Name changes on Alaska Airlines tickets can be requested over the phone or online. Whether selecting seats or modifying reservations, the name must match the government-issued photo identification precisely.

The Alaska Airlines policy on name changes adheres to the following regulations:

  • You will be permitted to have Alaska Airlines change your last name on reserved reservations due to divorce or marriage.
  • The airline facilitates name changes in the event of lengthy first names, i.e., the submission of full names.
  • You can change up to three characters in your name.
  • Passengers may change their names so long as it corresponds to their government-issued photo identification.
  • Changing a passenger’s name with Alaska may necessitate a new flight ticket. Different fares may apply. To learn more about how ticket re-issuance works, consult the Alaska Flight Change Policy.
  • Following the name change, all flight segments would be rebooked in the same class of service. In addition to the Name Change Fee, the fare difference may also be applicable.
  • Free name changes are permitted within 24 hours of flight registration.
  • No name change requests are accepted after the passenger Completed Alaska Airlines Check-in.

What are the Online Name Change Restrictions for an Alaska Airlines Ticket?

To be able to change or correct your name via the online procedure, you must satisfy certain requirements outlined in the Alaska Airlines policy on name correction. The following are such airline regulations:

  • You should have purchased your ticket from Alaska Airlines or another direct sales channel.
  • There should be no discount fares, government fares, or special saver fares included in the reservation.
  • Make sure the reservation is not for a group. No more than seven individuals are permitted on the reservation.
  • Your ticket may contain no more than eight flight parts.
  • Passengers are required to travel with their dogs. Refer to Alaska Airlines’ Pet policy for more information.
  • Online, only general reservations can have their names changed.

Types of Name Changes Allowed By Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines facilitates the name change requests outlined in the Alaska name change policy. Show the necessary documentation and work with the airline representative to achieve the desired outcomes.

A name change on an Alaska Airlines ticket may be permitted due to marriage or divorce. In such instances, you may present legal documentation to the airline.

Due to identical circumstances, only the passenger’s last name may be changed. In the event of a divorce, you might first be able to modify your information with the airline. In this situation, the use of judicial directives is required.

The following documents may be required by airlines for the name change process:

In the Event of DivorceIn the case of Marriage
In the case of MarriageExisting proof of identity
Orders of the courtCertificate of marriage
Name change due to marriagePrevious evidence of identification

What types of name changes does Alaska Airlines Change Passenger Name allow?

According to Alaska Airlines’ policy on name correction, travel agents may not be permitted to transfer their full names to another individual. At times –

  1. The passenger has the option to modify his or her complete ticket information. In such cases, passengers may need to revoke their flight ticket prior to boarding.
  2. In addition, you may purchase a new flight ticket with the proper name as it appears on your passport or government-issued photo identification.
  3. If name changes require more than four characters, passengers must terminate their flight, request a refund, and rebook a flight with the same itinerary.
  4. Refer to Alaska’s flight cancellation policy to learn more about the cancellation.

What Name Changes Are Permitted Under the Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy?

According to Alaska Airlines’ policy, passengers can amend a misspelling or remove a space between their names for up to four characters in the middle, first, and last names. Additionally –

Up to 4 Characters: The 4-character limit should not be construed as four characters for the first, middle, and last names, respectively.

Correct Middle Name: As long as the name on the ticket precisely matches the name on the passport or other government-issued photo identification, passengers may alter, add, or delete the middle name from their Alaska Airlines tickets.

Add Title/Suffix/Prefix: The suffix and/or prefix may be added or removed from a passenger’s name so long as it corresponds to the name on the passport or other official document.

Method to Change Name on Alaska Airlines Ticket

According to the Alaska Airlines name change policy, the American airline allows passengers to make changes/corrections both online and offline. Consequently, you can choose the method you find most convenient.

These methods allow you to alter your name on a reservation. In addition, you will be able to rectify the misspelled name on your Alaska Airlines reservation.

Online Method

Online name correction is one of the simplest methods to modify or correct your name. This technique is most suitable for modest modifications. The steps include:

  • Open the Alaska Airlines website at “
  • You will locate the “Manage Trip” option on the homepage. Click the link.
  • You must now enter the “Passenger’s Last Name” and “Confirmation Code” or “E-Ticket number.”
  • Select the “Change Name” option from the menu. You can now make the necessary corrections or name changes.
  • After submitting an Alaska Airlines Change Name on the Reservation request, print the correct boarding pass.

Contact Alaska Airline Over the Phone

Passengers can also contact the airline’s customer service department to make name changes or corrections on their flight tickets. All it takes:

  • You can request a name change by visiting the Alaska Help Section and speaking with a representative.
  • Provide them with all the necessary information regarding your reservation, including the travel date and aircraft number.
  • Details about your departure confirmation may also be required. The agent will corroborate your information before proceeding with the process.

Airport Kiosk Method

A Kiosk is a self-service machine that allows consumers to carry out a variety of tasks. This allows you to check in, upgrade your seating options, print boarding permits, and alter your name on your reservations.

This technology is accessible at the airport. You can do so without undertaking a time-consuming procedure to change or modify your name:

  • To change your name, simply select the “Change Flights” option on this machine.
  • Select the itinerary for your flight.
  • You may now be required to provide additional information regarding your reservation.
  • Select the name you want and enter the new name to complete the process.

The kiosk machine is self-operated and reliable, making it one of the most efficient name change options under Alaska Airlines’ policy. It is accessible to airport officials in the event of problems.

Tips to Change Name on Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket

When reserving a ticket, passengers should avoid scribbling any information in a hurry and can easily change their names by following the additional tips provided below.

  • Before submitting the information, a traveler should verify that the required information matches the information on the government-issued photo identification.
  • When reserving your tickets, you may need to have all the necessary information on hand. It may be necessary to present birth certificates, passports, and other official documents.
  • If you are purchasing a ticket on someone else’s behalf, you may need their precise information.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee

It is easy for customers to alter or rectify their identities with the airline. The following is an overview of the airline name change charge.

The following is the Alaska Air changing fee:

Name Change ConditionsName change fee
Name change under legal compulsion125 USD
Name correction up to 3 characters125 USD
Name change/correction within 24 hours of bookingFree

Members of the MVP Gold or Gold 75,000 Mileage Plan are exempt from paying the Alaska name change fee.

Alaska’s policy on name changes is intended to provide the most value to its passengers. Choose from a variety of offline and online methods, a free name change within 24 hours of booking, and a committed staff to make the process of changing your name stress-free.


Can I Change My Full Name on an Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket?

No, you cannot change your full name, but you can make some minor changes.

How Do I Change My Name on Alaska Airlines’ Website?

To change the passenger’s name, you can access the “Alaska Airlines Change Passenger Name” option in the section titled “Manage Booking.” Follow the on-screen instructions to make the necessary changes.

Do I Have to Pay Some Fees to Change My Name on an Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket?

If you change your name within 24 hours of booking your flight, no fee will be charged. Change fees are applicable after 24 hours.

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