British Airways Check-In Policy

To learn more about British Airways check-in, we started by getting some information about the company.

British Airways is an airline based in London that focuses on making flying easy and quick for its customers. British Airways always cares about how its passengers feel about their trips and makes sure they get better and more convenient services than normal.

British Airways Check-In Process

People who have booked a flight with British Airways can use the online check-in service to take care of all the necessary steps before their trip. Before, travelers had to wait in long lines which took a long time to get to the check-in desk. And, of course, to avoid situations that take a lot of time, the airline makes it easy for customers to check in by giving them a number of choices, which we’ll talk about below:

British Airways Check-In Options

British Airways has recently made it easier for passengers to check in by giving them more choices. This is so that they can use more advanced check-in services and have more freedom. And you have to check in before you can get ready to board. In addition to airport check-in services, there are other check-in services that passengers can reach and use digitally. British Airways gives you a few check-in choices to help you get through the check-in process quickly and easily.

  • British Airways Online Check-in
  • British Airways Mobile Check-in
  • British Airways Kiosk Check-in
  • British Airways Desk Check-in

British Airways Online Check-in

With British Airways’ online or “web” check-in, customers can go through each step of the check-in process from the comfort of their own homes. Most of the time, online check-in can be done anywhere from 24 hours to 1 hour before the flight is supposed to leave. But the hours you can check in online can be different depending on which airport you are leaving from.

How to Check-in Online

  • First, you have to go to the British Airways website and sign in with your registered ID and password.
  • This step will help you find your way around the British Airways home page, where the Check-in tab is between the Manage my booking and Check flight status tabs.
  • The next step is to put in your ticket reference number and the last names of the people who will be traveling. After the reservation is confirmed, a booking reference number is sent to the person who made the appointment.
  • After adding more information, you can get all the information about your ticket.
  • Now, the next step is to pay for your bags, if you have any, and choose or change your place if your ticket lets you.
  • After a deal goes through, you can check in and get access to your boarding pass, which you can save on your phone or print out. If you forget to get a boarding pass, you can use the kiosk machine at the airport to make one.

What is Check-In Time Limit

  • Most of the time, you can’t check in online at London airports at different times.
  • And at Heathrow and Gatwick, it is generally out of service 40–45 minutes before a flight is supposed to leave.
  • At London City Airport, you can use the online check-in service up to 20 minutes before your flight is due to leave.

British Airways Online Check-in feature lets you add up to 9 more people to the same reservation. To start the online check-in process with British Airways, you will need to give your British Airways booking reference number.

More importantly, at some airports, you may be asked to give your Advance Passenger Information for further processing and some security problems.

Other Features of the Online Check-In Policy

  • Free of cost: submitting information about bags or telling the airport how many bags you are bringing with you.
  • You can also choose and change your seat here,(British Airways Seat Selection Policy) depending on what you want and need. And there won’t be any fees for this choice.

After completing the online Check-in process in accordance with its terms and conditions, you have multiple options to access and obtain your boarding pass prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

  • After ending online check-in via the British Airways app or website, you can take a printout of your boarding passes. You can also send the boarding pass from this page.
  • After completing the online check-in procedure with all the required information, you will be redirected to an option titled “Save or email” your boarding pass.
  • In addition, you can receive your boarding passes in PDF format on the mobile device or computer you use to check in.
  • The most convenient method to obtain a boarding pass is by using a self-service Kiosk or by collecting them at the airport from which you are departing.

British Airways Mobile Check-In

With British Airways’ mobile check-in service, you can check in for your flight earlier than the scheduled departure time. Simply visit in your web browser to utilize the British Airways mobile check-in service. And complete all required and requested booking or reservation details.

British Airways’ mobile check-in service is responsive and compatible with mobile devices used for check-in. And regardless of the operating system installed on your mobile device or whether you are an Android or iPhone user, you can utilize the mobile check-in option.

Other Features of the Mobile Check-In Policy

  • The mobile check-in option of British Airways enables you to effortlessly select your preferred seat on the flight.
  • In addition to check-in, the mobile check-in service also allows you to manage bookings.
  • Passengers can readily include multiple additional passengers.
  • After satisfying the return flight terms and conditions, you may now check in for your return flight.
  • The mobile boarding permit can be saved and accessed after the British Airways mobile check-in has been completed. The mobile boarding pass can be accessed and examined whenever it is required.
  • The mobile check-in option also enables you to have your boarding pass sent to your email address so that you can print it later.
  • “send your boarding pass to the fax machine” is an additional option for receiving the boarding pass.
  • You can easily print your boarding pass by logging into online Check-in in your browser using the number on your e-ticket.
  • Additionally, you can readily retrieve your boarding pass from the airport’s self-service kiosks or check-in desks.

Those who are traveling with a group, including family members, on the same reservation or booking can obtain multiple boarding passes onto a single mobile device.

British Airways Kiosk Check-in

British Airways offers an alternative check-in option for passengers who were unable to utilize online or web check-in services for other reasons. And this check-in option is known as a self-service kiosk check-in machine, which allows passengers to check in by entering a few required details such as reservation reference numbers, credit and debit card information, passport information, flight number, and club card information.

If a British Airways passenger is under the age of 18 and traveling alone, they will not be able to use the airline’s self-service kiosk check-in. Regardless of your age, you must travel with an adult family member who is at least 18 years old.

If the first flight on your itinerary is operated by another airline and you are traveling on a codeshare flight, you will not be able to use the Kiosk Check-in service.

British Airways Airport Counter Check-in

If a passenger does not qualify for online or mobile check-in, then we will assist them. Passengers who are under 18 years old, traveling with their pets or animals, or who require special assistance in the form of a wheelchair or other medical assistance can readily check in at airport check-in desks.

For security purposes, passengers on international flights must ensure that they have their visas and passport. The service at airport check-in counters. The airport check-in service is accessible at your departure airport. Here, airport customer service agents assist with British Airways flight check-in.

British Airways Check-in Deadlines at the Airport

When it comes to British Airways check-in deadlines, the check-in procedure completion deadlines can vary depending on the airport from which you depart. And if passengers are unable to check in before the deadline, your reservation and flight booking may be canceled.

Once passengers have completed their check-in procedures on time, they will be able to quickly travel through the security checkpoints and reach the boarding gate. Check-in for a flight should always be completed one hour prior to the scheduled departure time.


How Many Hours Before You Can Check-in at British Airways?

2-Hours Before Departure

Why Can’t I Check-in Online for British Airways?

Therefore, if your ticket has too many segments, you cannot check in online. This may affect those attempting to make last-minute seat alterations, as these options are only available during check-in. Due to being the final passenger to check in, you may also be removed from the flight.

Do I Need a Covid Test to Fly on British Airways?

Temperature checks, proof of negative COVID-19 tests, and form completion may be among the requirements. Please note that if you do not meet these requirements, you may not be permitted to travel or enter your destination.

Do You Have to Wear Mask on British Airways?

If you are flying with a partner airline, we recommend that you bring your own disguise to ensure you meet all requirements. Please visit the United Kingdom Government website for the most recent travel information. You are required to verify the local restrictions at your travel destination.

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