British Airways Baggage Policy

If your baggage is lost or delayed by British Airways at the airport, they are responsible for providing you with your missing bags.

Usually, British Airways returns most lost or delayed bags to passengers within 72 hours. If your baggage is missing for 3 days or more, you can follow these steps to receive delayed baggage reimbursement from British Airways:

  • To get help, just contact British Airways’ customer service team.
  • You can report delayed luggage online.
  • Report any missed or delayed baggage within 8 days of it going missing.
  • If you want to get in touch with the British customer care department, just call on helpline number.
  • When you call the airline representative, explain your delayed baggage claim for British Airways.
  • Make sure to provide the agent with important information such as your flight number, flight date, airport location, and your contact details.

How to File a Claim for British Airways Delayed Baggage Reimbursement?

If you don’t want to call the flight representatives, you can also report your delayed baggage online at BA. To go to British Airways’ main website and file a claim for delayed luggage, you only need to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the official British Airways website first to make a claim.
  2. You might be asked to write down your reservation number. This reference number is written on the back of your reservation ticket. It can be a mix of six letters and numbers.
  3. You must type in your last name exactly as it appears on the baggage ticket.
  4. On the online form, the first and last names should be right. You can also change your name on British Airways by following its rules for doing so.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions properly to claim your delayed luggage.

Note: To find out how much the British Airways delayed baggage refund is, please contact the airline and ask.

When you use the online way to file a claim for delayed baggage, you will get a report number for missing delayed baggage. This can be used to find lost or late bags at an airport.


What Do I Do if My Baggage is Lost on British Airways?

You can reach the help desk to file a complaint. You will get compensation.

Can I Get Lost Baggage?

If British Airways finds your baggage, they will contact you and give it back to you.

What About British Airways’ Flight Delay?

A flight delay means that you will wait longer for a flight if the delay is longer than a specific fixed time. In this case, you will file a claim for compensation.

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