Copa Airlines Name Correction Policy

Copa Airlines Name Correction Policy

When making reservations for yourself, your family, friends, and other people, you might sometimes enter the wrong name by mistake. Copa Airlines has thought of every possible answer because it knows what the problem is.

So, it came up with a policy for changing the name of Copa Airlines. Under this policy, there are different ways you can change your name. But this company doesn’t let you change your whole name. If you need to make big changes, you can always call the customer service team at Copa.

About Copa Airlines Name Correction Policy

According to the Copa Airlines policy on name changes, there are certain rules that visitors must follow. One of the rules is that the information on the flyer should match the information on the ticket or other travel document.

The first and last names should match the person’s name. When you book a flight with Copa Airlines, these rules will apply:

  • A name change request would only be made for the part of the flight that wasn’t used.
  • Fill out the Copa Airlines name changes form to start the process of changing your name with this airline.
  • The name change option on this carrier would not affect the interline or codeshare partners.
  • Copa Airlines must run all of the parts of the flight that are part of the reservation.
  • Only one name change can be made per ticket.
  • The first names and last names can’t be totally different.
  • There can’t be more than 3 letters in the name change, including the first name, middle name, and last name.
  • Also, changing your name after getting married, getting divorced, or going through some other formal process is not a big deal. A formal document can be shown by the person who wants to change the name on the ticket.
  • In some situations, the Panama-based company may ask for a certain cost to change the name.
  • If you want to escape a fee, you should ask to change your name within 24 hours of making a reservation.
  • Also, names can be changed up to 24 hours before the flight leaves.
  • Also you can change flight if you face any emergency , Follow Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy Before Changing Flight.

Methods to Change Name on Copa Airlines Flight Ticket

When flying, a name error can lead to mistakes. You would have to go through some major immigration checks or pass borders. So, it’s very important that your name is written correctly on your reservation or buying a ticket. Getting caught with the wrong name at the flight check can be problematic. In this situation, the best way to change your name on the trip ticket is through Copa Airlines.

Under Copa Airlines’s name correction policy, here are some different ways you can change your information.

  • Online Method
  • Offline Method

Online Method

This is the safest way to change the names of people on a flight. Anyone from anywhere in the world can use this way to fix their wrong name problems quickly. Check out the points below to find out how to change the name on a Copa Airlines ticket online:

  • Go to the Copa Airlines site, which is
  • Enter your details to log in to your account.
  • Hit the “Manage My Booking” button on the webpage of the airline.
  • You will be taken to the page where you can handle your booking with the carrier.
  • Customers of this company must choose the flight for which they need to change their names on that page.
  • You may need to fill in some important information, such as your ticket ID number and last name.
  • Please look over the information you just put in twice to avoid more problems with visa checks.
  • Now, if you want to change your name on a Copa Airlines flight, the provider may ask you to pay some service fees.
  • At last, Copa Airlines may send you an email letting you know that your name change was completed successfully and giving you new information about your ticket.

Offline Method

There are sometimes people who don’t like the online way of changing their names. So, the provider has also given them a way to do things the old-fashioned way.

Most of the time, if you misspelled your name on a Copa Airline trip, you can do one of two things off the plane. Here’s what they are:

  • Through Ticket Counter
  • Connecting Through Agent

Through Ticket Counter:

When you get to the airport for your flight, the help desk or ticket counter may be the first place you hear about problems with your flight. Even if you need to change your name right before your flight, you won’t have to worry. You can do this by just going to the Copa Airlines ticket booth.

Connecting Through Agent:

A lot of flyers are afraid to change their name online. Some people may not know that they can change their name on Copa Airlines online. In these situations, calling is the best way for the flyers to get the word out. Using this method, visitors can get in touch with the workers who are on call and ask for help changing the name on the ticket.

Calling the provider is a great way to change your name after getting married or getting divorced. To talk to a Copa Air representative, all you have to do is take these simple steps.

  • Just call on toll-free Number for this company.
  • When your call gets through, you’ll be put in touch with a person or representative who will help you change the name on your Copa Airlines ticket.
  • Tell the airline worker everything about why you need to change the name on your ticket. If it has to do with getting married or getting divorced, give the record for that event.
  • Also, explain how your name needs to be changed. Some ads, for example, have only small spelling changes in the first or last name.
  • You can also change your given name with Copa Airlines if you need to.
  • Give them your full name, booking reference number, flight number, etc. as well as other general information. Make sure that all of the facts are right.
  • Send a copy of your ID to the company if you want to change your name.
  • In a few situations, you would have to pay a certain amount of service fees.
  • Pay the right amount of fees when the operator asks you to.
  • You would then get a new flight ticket with all the updated details about the name change.
  • According to Copa Airlines Seat Policy, you can get your dream seat by paying some charges.

Copa Airlines Name Change Fees

As a result, there are no change fees on Copa Airlines if you need to make a small change to your name. But there are a few fees that this company can charge in certain situations. There are two situations in which these Copa Airlines name change fees may be different. The first is if you book your ticket through a travel service. The second is if you need to change more than just your name. The following are the fees for both situations:

  • When you make the reservation through your travel agent or another agency, the carrier may charge you USD 50.
  • If you need to change anything else about your flight besides your name, you will have to pay USD 75. This information could include the date, time, and final location of the flight.

Copa Airlines Contact Details

Call CenterClick Here
Changes and Refund LinkClick Here
Customer ServiceClick Here


Can I change my name on the Copa Airlines flight ticket?

This airline won’t let its customers change their whole names on their tickets. This means that the only thing Copa Airlines has to do to change its name is make a few changes to its website. It could be a misspelled name or a change in the way the name is written on the ticket. This rule is in place so that people can’t give their tickets to another passenger. So, on this flight, you can only make small changes to your name.

Does Copa Airlines allow you to change your full name?

No, But they allow to do minor corrections in the flight tickets.

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