Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

When plans change, it’s critical to understand your options. Delta is one of our favorite airlines in the world, and they have a knack for making everything simple and easy to use. To be honest, we’ve never had a poor experience with Delta, and neither have the majority of the individuals we’ve flown with.

If you need to modify the name on a Delta travel ticket, you must first understand the airline’s policies. The Delta Airlines name change policy can be difficult to find online – even on Delta Airlines’ official website – and no one wants to be left in the dark! We’ve been through it and outlined everything you need to know.

About Delta Name Change Policy

Transferring a Delta ticket to someone else is not an option if you purchased it and are unable to utilize it. You cannot modify the whole name on a Delta ticket. In all situations, the person traveling on the aircraft must be the same person who booked the Delta ticket in the first place.

This is why refundable tickets and travel insurance are essential. You should never purchase airline tickets until you are confident that you will be able to travel on the specified flight and date.

Note: In case you need to change your flight, you can also do this. But you must follow the Delta flight change policy to do it the right way.

About Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

While Delta will not allow you to completely change the name that displays on the ticket, they will allow for minor name changes. Minor changes to the first, middle, and last names are among the permitted minor changes. In most cases, these alterations are permitted due to a spelling error or marriage.

  1. Changing a Last Name in the Case of Marriage or Divorce
  2. Adding a Middle Name in Delta Airlines Ticket
  3. Correction of Minor Spelling Mistakes on Delta Reservations

Changing a Last Name in the Case of Marriage or Divorce

If you’ve married and have previously booked travel under your maiden name, you can alter the last name on your Delta ticket to your spouse’s last name. A marriage certificate is required to establish this legal name change. The passenger’s last name can only be changed completely in this manner if the change is the result of marriage or divorce.

Adding a Middle Name in Delta Airlines Ticket

Delta has no objections to you adding a middle name to your ticket. Actually, this is the simplest of all the name changes that they allow! Middle names can be entered online in the “Manage Booking” area, via phone, or using Delta’s world-class texting assistance.

It is critical that the name on a Delta ticket matches the name on the passenger’s valid photo ID. While middle names aren’t always necessary, it never hurts to have your name be as correct as feasible.

Correction of Minor Spelling Mistakes on Delta Reservations

If you look at your Delta reservation one day and notice that you have mistakenly misspelled any part of your name, you can make the appropriate changes to rectify it. You cannot pass through security with an incorrect name on your ticket, and Delta’s name correction policy makes this situation simple to resolve.

If you discover the problem within 24 hours of booking, you will most likely not be charged. If you discover the error after the one-day period has passed, you may be charged a Delta name change fee since the airline may have to give you a new ticket. In any case, paying a modest cost is preferable to trying to travel with a ticket that contains the incorrect name, as incorrect booking data might damage an entire trip!

Here are Some Ways to Change the Name on a Delta Flight Ticket

Delta allows clients to make adjustments to their bookings via four different channels: online, mobile app, phone, and text messaging. While using their text assistant is my preferred means of communication, each option is stress-free and uncomplicated.

  1. Delta Name Changes Online
  2. Delta Name Changes Through Phone
  3. Delta Name Changes Through Mobile App
  4. Delta Name Changes Through Text Message

Delta Name Changes Online

If you wish to change your name online, go to Delta’s official website. You can then go to the manage booking page and enter your confirmation number and last name, as well as make any necessary name changes. Again, in most circumstances, your new name can only have minor alterations of three letters or fewer.

Delta Name Changes Through Phone

If you’d rather speak with an agent from Delta’s Global Sales Support team who can assist you with the name change, call Delta’s customer support hotline. When you contact, the agent will most likely ask for some of your flight information to validate your identity, such as your confirmation number, name, travel dates, and destination.

Delta Name Changes Through Mobile App

If you have already downloaded the Delta Airlines mobile app, the steps below allow for relatively simple name changes, if permitted. Simply launch the app, log in, choose the reservation you want to change, and then select “modify flights.” You should be able to make the necessary adjustments here, as long as they comply with Delta’s requirements.

This is really helpful because it displays all of the flight reservations associated with your Delta account. You don’t have to look for a confirmation email or contact a travel agency only to alter your name.

Delta Name Changes Through Text Message

Text messages are by far my preferred method of communicating with Delta. They offer a world-class texting assistant that tries to answer problems for you and can connect you with a Delta representative through text otherwise. I’ve used this service to make a variety of modifications to my bookings, including name changes.

The texting assistant, in my opinion, is part of what makes Delta one of the top airlines in the world. From adding lap infants to updating travel details and dates, the texting assistant makes customer support simple and convenient, eliminating the need to wait in line for hours. This is especially important for people who work since they can simply start the conversation while working and answer Delta via text whenever possible.

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