Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

The Hawaiian Airlines name change policy helps with making specific changes. It’s really important to have the right name on your ticket when you fly. Using the wrong names or names that don’t match can cause problems. If you have misspelled or incorrect personal information, you will need to change your name.

This policy is meant to help customers when they need to correct their name or other personal information. This policy provides a procedure for changing your name, whether it’s for marriage, divorce, adoption, or any other reason. If you fly with Hawaiian Airlines, it’s important to know their policy and other important guidelines.

About Hawaiian Airlines Name Change

It’s really helpful to understand Hawaiian Airlines’ name change policy and its different parts. This policy is designed to assist passengers who wish to change the name on their ticket. It is easy to follow. You can make a change by adding something or switching something. You can make the following changes to your Hawaiian Airlines ticket:

  • Changes or additions to the last name 
  • Legal name change 
  • Shifting of first and middle names 

You need to explore various options to make these changes. The airline has different ways to request a change based on what you need to change.

Passengers may sometimes make a mistake when booking a ticket by entering the wrong name. This mistake might mean that there are spelling errors. This information may include your first name, middle name, or last name. Hawaiian Airlines has a policy for correcting errors in names. This tool allows a passenger to change specific characters in their name. It becomes easy to make the details correct. you can check: Hawaiian Airlines Delay Compensation Policy: How to Receive a Refund?

Conditions for Name Change on Hawaiian Airlines and Who is Available to Change Name

The airline allows some changes and corrections, but passengers still need to follow certain rules. These conditions are in place to assist travelers with making changes easily. By following these simple rules, you can easily change names on Hawaiian Airlines tickets.

  • If you want to change the name on your tickets, you must have bought them directly from this airline.
  • The code on the tickets should have 13 digits.
  • The ticket’s initial three digits must be 173. If your ticket number doesn’t begin with 173, you need to get in touch with the airline.
  • You can change your name for marriage, divorce, or adoption reasons.
  • This policy permits changes to the middle name based on the intended use.
  • If passengers meet the criteria, they can change their nickname to their full name.

Documents Req. for Name Change

To change the name on your Hawaiian Airlines ticket, you will need to submit some important documents. These certificates can serve as proof of your potential modification. Marriage and divorce are situations where they are particularly important. These documents are very important, even if your government name has changed due to legal reasons.

Here are the documents you need to submit for a name change on Hawaiian:

  • For changes because of a wedding: Marriage Certificate
  • If they intend to split up: Decree of Divorce
  • To change a first or given name: Your license from the government
  • For changes to the spelling: Any legal identification paper
  • When making formal name changes: Court Orders

If you turn in the necessary paperwork, you won’t be looked at again in the future. You can also make your name change official. This will not only make sure that you are safe, but it will also protect the company from any wrongdoing.

Methods to Change Name on Hawaiian Airlines Tickets

There is a chance that you could misspell something when you buy your ticket. If not, even small mistakes in the letters of the name can lead to writing mistakes. When this happens, you have no choice but to fix your mistakes. You can make any changes you need to your name after the ticket process.

In case of misspellings, there are two main ways to change a passenger’s name on Hawaiian Airlines:

  • Through Website (Online Method)
  • Through Customer Care

Each of these ways makes it easier to change a name. You can choose the best choice for you based on how convenient it is.

Through Website (Online Method)

You can log in to the Hawaiian Airlines website to change the name on a ticket online. You can change your name by going to its Manage Booking page and entering the right information. In the end, if there is a fee or charge, you can pay it.

  • Sign in to your web browser and click the “www.hawiianairlines.com” link to get to the main site of this company.
  • You can find the “Manage Flights” tab on the first page of this site. Just click it.
  • You’ll get a list of four choices. You will need to choose the “My Trips” tab from these.
  • You are now on a different page. Here, it’s important that you tell us about your flight. Details like “Passenger Last Name,” “Confirmation Code,” and “E-ticket Number” can be among these.
  • Tap the “View My Trip” choice next. This will help you get back to your reservation.
  • Now you can choose which reservation you want to make the change to. Then, use “Hawaiian Airlines Change Passenger Name” to make your changes.
  • Follow the directions on the screen to make the change.
  • If you have to pay a change fee, you can use your new boarding pass with the right name.

Through Customer Care

For small mistakes, it’s best to call the customer service number instead of the ticket desk:

As soon as the call goes through, the person on the line will connect with you. At first, he or she may ask why you are calling, and you will have to say, “Hawaiian Airlines is changing its name.” Then, explain why you made the change, which in this case was a spelling mistake.

Most of the time, the airline will not require you to send legal papers for simple changes. But your current ID or another form of identification may be needed to make the change. Just give these documents to the agent by mail or any other way they tell you to.

The worker will soon finish making your change. You can confirm that your name has changed and ask for a new flight pass with your new name on it. If not, you can get it from the main site of the carrier.

Legal Name Changes on Hawaiian Airlines Ticket

Name changes that are legal include changing a big part of your name, having your name backward, or adding a middle name. A big change like this can be caused by anything legal, like getting married, getting divorced, or having a child. Most of these changes involve changes to the last name, like adding or taking away letters.

According to Hawaiian Airlines’ rules, you will have to change the name on your ticket to match the name on your government ID after you get married. In the same way, the last name on your marriage license should match the one on your ticket. Because of this, you will legally change your name before your flight leaves.

How to Do Legal Name Changes?

Because of legal issues, you will have to use the offline way for these kinds of changes. To make these changes, you will need to call this carrier’s booking number. This airline’s booking office can be reached at the number below:

If you call this number, a person from the booking desk will answer. Tell him/her the reason you want to change your information. Because of this, the official can ask you to show proof, like a marriage certificate or a divorce order. Send this proof by email.

After the official looks over your documents, the process to change the name on your Hawaiian Airlines ticket will begin. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for the official to finish your change. It could also be put into action right away.

You might get a message when the change has been made. If you don’t, the official might call you back to make sure that your new ticket is good. Considering the rule, pay the fee to change your name. Get a new boarding pass with the right name on it. you can check the Hawaiian Airlines seat selection policy.

Fees Charged by Hawaiian Airlines for Name Change

Customers can make changes to their flights with this carrier for a fair price. How much you have to pay to change your name on a Hawaiian Airlines flight varies on how you booked your flight.

When customers book tickets through the airline’s official website, they won’t have to pay extra to change the name on the ticket. If you got your ticket from a third-party website, changing your name will cost you about $25.

This fee can change from time to time. This depends on how many tickets are available, when the change takes place, and where the passenger is going. This can help you save money when you book your ticket for the first time.

For ticket reservations to be safe, names have to be changed and fixed. For these kinds of things, the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy covers all changes and corrections. It makes changing your name easy by giving you a number of choices and ways to do it.


How many Methods are Available for Name Change?

There are many methods, but two are very famous: online and offline.

How Much are Hawaiian Airlines Ticket Charges?

When customers book tickets through the airline’s official website, they won’t have to pay extra to change the name on the ticket. If you got your ticket from a third-party website, changing your name will cost you about $25.

How do I Change the Name on the Hawaiian Airlines ticket?

You can change your name online, offline, through customer care, and more.

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