JetBlue Ticket Name Correction Policy: What are the fees?

JetBlue Ticket Name Correction Policy

JetBlue Airlines has a policy that lets passengers change or correct their names to make traveling easier. If your name on the passport or any valid government-issued photo ID doesn’t match the name you provided, you won’t be allowed to board the flight. This is a rule that must be followed.

It’s easier to change the information if you know the main rules of this policy. This policy will explain how to change names on JetBlue flight tickets, the fees for name corrections, and other guidelines.

About JetBlue Name Correction Policy

To change a name, you need to meet these requirements –

  1. JetBlue must operate all flights listed on the itinerary.
  2. You can only correct one name on the airline ticket. If you want to change your name, JetBlue considers it a name change and you’ll need to follow their name change policy.
  3. You can’t change your travel dates or fare classes when correcting your name.
  4. You can make minor changes to a name, such as correcting up to three characters. The name on your ticket needs to be the same as the name on your passport or government-issued ID.
  5. You cannot correct the date of birth or gender while correcting the name.
  6. You cannot correct your name after doing a web check-in on JetBlue.

JetBlue Name Correction has Different Types of Requests

If there’s a legal requirement, passengers can ask to have their name corrected or changed if it was misspelled. Let’s learn about the types of name corrections that JetBlue Airlines allows.

  • First/Middle/Last Name
  • Nickname to Legal name
  • Inverted name
  • Adding the middle name
  • Adding an additional last name
  • Name correction under legal requirements
  • Mid-travel name correction

First/Middle/Last Name: JetBlue allows passengers to request a correction to their first, middle, or last name, up to 3 letters, according to their name change policy. The airlines will correct the name in the PNR.

Nickname to Legal name: You can use your real name as mentioned on your passport or government-issued ID instead of a nickname.

Inverted name: If you accidentally put your name in the wrong order when booking your flight, you can ask a representative from JetBlue Airlines to fix it.

Adding the middle name: If you add your middle name to your passport, you will need to use it when you travel. JetBlue requires that names be presented in the correct order according to their name change policy.

Adding an additional last name: You need to keep the original surname as it is, but you can add something to it to match the customer’s name in their passport.

Name correction under legal requirements: If you got married, divorced, or adopted, you can change your name on your ticket. Passengers must show a legal document for verification in this situation.

Mid-travel name correction: You can make corrections to your name during travel if you made a spelling mistake or changed your legal name. This rule only matters if there was a mistake in the name and it wasn’t corrected before the first part of the trip.

How Can You Request Name Correction On JetBlue Flight Ticket?

You can change the name on your JetBlue ticket in many ways, such as doing it online. You can also access offline options. You can do any of these at your convenience:

  1. JetBlue Change Name Through Website
  2. JetBlue Change Name Through Customer Care
  3. JetBlue Change Name Through App

To use the JetBlue name change feature, you need to follow specific requirements for each parameter. They offer a fast and simple method to modify your names.

Method 1: JetBlue Change Name Through Website

You can change your JetBlue reservation name easily from your computer using this method.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the JetBlue Manage Booking tab.
  3. Enter the Confirmation Code and Last Name to proceed.
  4. Select your trip and click on the “Modify” option.
  5. Use the JetBlue change name online option.
  6. Make the necessary changes here and submit any legal documents as well if necessary.
  7. Complete your change form and Press the “Continue” button.
  8. Confirm your changes by making the payment.
  9. Print your new boarding pass with the new and correct details.

Method 2: JetBlue Change Name Through Customer Care

To change the name on a JetBlue ticket, some passengers may prefer to call instead of doing it online. If you need help, you can contact the airline’s agents. Additionally, it is trustworthy because the officials personally attend to your needs.

When you connect, we may transfer your call to an assistant agent if you need one.

  • Inform JetBlue’s staff of your desire to change your name.
  • Mention the form of adjustment and the reason for the modification.
  • For a name change on your JetBlue reservation, he or she will inquire about your booking details.

The agent may request legal documents, certificates, passports, or flight reservations via mail for validation purposes.

Method 2: JetBlue Change Name Through Mobile App

The mobile app is one of the simplest online methods for changing your name and address. This app allows any passenger to change the name on a JetBlue ticket.

Passengers must first obtain this application. You can locate it on Play Store/App Store or any other website specified by the airline. Perform the following:

  1. Sign in to the JetBlue app.
  2. Then locate the “JetBlue Manage Booking” option.
  3. Provide information regarding your reservation, such as the passenger’s name and the ticket number to access your flight.
  4. You will now be given the option to select the desired modification, whether for flights, names, or seats.
  5. Choose the “Change Name” option given the scenario.
  6. Now, make any necessary name modifications or corrections to JetBlue.
  7. Follow the provided instructions and confirm your modifications.

JetBlue Airlines Ticket Name Correction Fees

This airline allows name changes only once per ticket, and there is a fee for doing so.

  • The cost for Blue Basic seats is approximately $100. This could increase to $200 for flights to destinations other than the United States, Central America, and Mexico.
  • Passengers of other accommodations, such as Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Mint, and Refundable, may be required to pay varying fares. This is required to make any name modifications to their tickets.
  • On tickets priced between $150 and $199, the service fee may increase to $150.
  • Additional fees of up to $50 may be assessed to passengers who make adjustments offline. This additional fee functions as a service levy.


Q: What is Jetline name change policy?

This simple policy seeks to assist customers who wish to change the names on their flight tickets. Due to legal concerns or typographical/spelling errors, name changes are permitted.

Q: Is it possible to name-change the Jetblue airline ticket?

Yes, It is possible.

Q: is there any fees for name change in ticket?

According to JetBlue’s policy, passengers must pay additional fees to alter the name on their tickets. This fee ranges based on various factors. It typically begins at $100 and at times includes fare differences.

Q: Can I Change the full name in the Jetblue ticket?

No, you can not change your full name. Jetblue Airlines does not allow to transfer of the ticket to another person.

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