Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy

Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy

Sometimes, unexpected situations can arise for any of us, and as a result, we might have to make changes or cancel our flight tickets. When you fly with Allegiant Air, you can rest easy knowing that they take care of any flight changes or cancellations for you.

To easily avail the flight change or cancellation services with Allegiant Air, it’s important to have knowledge of their Allegiant change flight policy. This will help you avoid any difficulties.

If you are familiar with Allegiant Air’s flight change policy, you will find it simple and convenient to make changes or cancel your flight. Please read the information below to gain a thorough understanding of the flight change policy and its various aspects.

Methods to Change Flight on Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air gives you two ways to make changes to your flight reservation: online and over the phone. The choice is up to the customer, who can change his or her flight ticket in any way that suits his or her needs and preferences.

Passengers can do everything they need to do with their plans with Allegiant Air, including making changes to their reservations. Allegiant Air has helpful agents and staff who will answer any questions you have about booking.

Online Method:

Allegiant Air passengers who want to change or add something to their flights can do so online. This choice is the easiest and most convenient for any user or customer. You can easily make requests for changes and amendments through Allegiant Air’s official website or mobile app.

You can do everything with just a few clicks. Both the website and the mobile app are made so that anyone can use them easily to make route changes or use any of the other services Allegiant Air offers.

  • First, go to the Allegiant Air website at
  • Now, put the last name and first name of the person on the ticket and the confirmation code to log in to your Allegiant Air account.
  • Now, look for the “Manage My Booking” choice and click on it.
  • Find the flight that you want to change and click on it.
  • Make a choice for the new flight you want to take.
  • Follow the steps and directions on the screen to finish the process.
  • Pay the flight change fee (if there is one) and any difference in price between the old and new flights (if there is one).
  • In the end, make sure you get a confirmation email or phone call for your new flight plan.

Offline Method:

Some of you may still prefer the traditional method of booking tickets. Allegiant Air provides an offline option for customers/passengers to make changes and amendments to their flight reservations. A lot of passengers prefer the offline method because it’s easier and safer.

You can go to the Allegiant Air booking center or kiosk at the nearest airport, or call the Allegiant Air flight change phone number to request a change or amendment to your flight reservation.

The dedicated staff members and representatives of Allegiant Air will provide passengers with full assistance and guidance for flight changes, amendments, or any other booking-related questions. If you are already at the airport, it is recommended that you choose the offline option.

According to Allegiant Air Check-In Flight, They allow lets you to check in online, which saves you time and lets you skip long lines at the airport.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Fee and Charges

Do you want to learn about the fee structure and details for changing Allegiant Air flights? Please read the article below to find the answer to your question. It is important for passengers to be aware that each airline has its own fees and charges for various services. Therefore, it is crucial to know the specific fees and charges of the chosen airline in advance in order to plan accordingly.

If you have selected Allegiant Air for your travel, here are all the details about their flight change fee and penalty. Before using any services, it is important to understand the charges and penalties involved.

  • If you request to change your Allegiant Air flight within 7 days of the original departure, you will not receive any future travel credit in your account.
  • If you bought a TripFlex fare for your flight reservation, you can make changes and amendments to your flight reservations.
  • Passengers or customers have the option to make changes or amendments to their flight reservation up to 7 days prior to the originally scheduled departure.
  • The cost of changing a ticket depends on seat availability, and there is a $75 fee for making changes.
  • If you bought the TripFlex fare, you won’t need to pay any fees or penalties for making changes.
  • TripFlex fare holders have the ability to modify their flight reservation as long as it is done at least 72 hours before the originally scheduled flight departure.
  • The changes for TripFlex ticket holders are subject to availability.


You can change your flight with Allegiant Air either online or over the phone. You can make changes to your flight without any fees up to 7 days before the original departure date. If you bought a TripFlex fare, you have the option to make changes to your booking up to 72 hours prior to the original departure date.

If you need to change your flight with Allegiant Air, here are some helpful tips:

  • Make sure you’re ready with your registration number.
  • Be aware of the change fee and any price difference between the old flight and the new one.
  • If you change your plans less than 7 days before your original travel date, you might not be able to get the difference in price back.
  • If you change your trip to go somewhere else, you may have to pay a different price.

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