American Airlines Name Change Policy: Here are Simple Methods

American Airlines Name Correction Policy – Misspelled names on PNRs are becoming more common. We make mistakes when booking an airline ticket, just like in many other aspects of life. If you put the incorrect name data in the American Airlines reservation form and want to change it, this is the guide for you. It emphasizes American Airlines’ name correction policy in order to make you aware of the many legalities and issues involved.

What are the various processes covered by the Airlines’ name correction policy? This article will outline a complete approach to assist you in this regard. This is the page you visit if you are flying with one of the world’s largest airlines, American Airlines.

(AA) is a well-known American airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. When measured by fleet size and scheduled passenger capacity, it looks to be the world’s largest airline.

Currently, the organization serves its customer base in over 350 locations throughout more than 50 countries. With a fleet of 957 aircraft, the airline conducts a large network of local and international flights (about 6800 flights each day).

Furthermore, it is a founding member of the Oneworld alliance, the world’s third-largest airline alliance. It handles 500,000 passengers every day on average, with the support of more than 1,30,000 staff.

About American Airlines Name Change Policy

Is it really so important to have the exact name data on the plane ticket? For your information, it is legally required to have the same name as the passenger on the ticket and a government-issued ID/passport. To be legally eligible to board an aircraft, names on all documents must have the same alphabet in the same order.

It is also suggested by the Department of Transportation to have the correct name details on the PNR. If something goes wrong, your eligibility may be revoked and you may be forced to stay at the airport until the issue is fixed. However, the ticket may be canceled in specific circumstances.

Incidents can occur when you enter your name improperly in the reservation form. It could be an error when you enter your booking credentials in a hurry. If it does not settle things on time, you may be exposed to dangerous scenarios. An error is an error, whether it is one letter or the full name.

The good news is that it provides passengers with a customer-friendly name-change policy. Because the airline acknowledges the importance of the situation, it devises a pleasant and trouble-free procedure. It enables visitors to make changes to their names that they put incorrectly throughout the booking process.

One of the most common mistakes made by passengers is entering an incorrect name. It adheres to a particular procedure in order to correct the issue. We will go over the procedure of amending the passengers’ names in detail in the following chapter.

Various Types of Name Amendments

It is not straightforward to update or amend your name on your airline ticket. The carrier has some restrictions on what can be done for the same. But you shouldn’t be concerned. They provide a reasonably straightforward method for getting your name in the proper format.

Furthermore, in some instances, passengers can replace or amend their names. They can continue if their ticket name needs to be changed due to an error or for legal reasons. For example, your surname may have changed as a result of marriage or divorce.

When it comes to changing/correcting names with them, it represents several meanings.

The name change policy permits the carrier to modify the name to reflect the TSA-required official papers. It is intended for misspellings, married/divorce names, maiden names, inverted names, legal names, and secondary names.

At the same time, you must make modifications when the gender or age on the legal document and the ticket issued do not match.

Furthermore, their name change policy is based on the same document. The airline allows passengers to make small and substantial changes to their names on unused tickets.

  1. Major Name Corrections
  2. Minor Name Corrections

Major Name Corrections

This policy applies to trips booked in the ‘R’ inventory as well as codeshare flight segments. Most crucially, due to software restrictions, it cannot be performed on the same PNR and requires a fresh PNR for name correction.

Minor Name Corrections

Only American Airlines and American Eagle flights are eligible for this type of name correction system. It can also be repeated for the same PNR.

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How Do I Change My Name on American Airlines?

This article provides guidelines for correcting various types of errors in visitors’ names. The processing charge varies depending on the nature of the update or correction.

The steps you need to follow to correct your name on the ticket are as follows:

  1. First, go to the company’s official website and navigate to the My Trips section on the homepage.
  2. Following that, you must input your booking information in the appropriate section.
  3. After you’ve created your account, fill in the blanks with your last and first names.
  4. To view the whole list, click the ‘Find Reservation’ option. You will choose one flight out of all of them for name adjustments.
  5. After paying the necessary fee for your ticket, you can change the name here.
  6. Rules for Making Changes in a Passenger’s Name Visitors may repair minor spelling errors in accordance with the AA’s relevant policy.
  7. American Airlines allows you to completely change a passenger’s surname in legal situations such as a wedding or divorce.
  8. Similarly, passengers can only change their last name after presenting sufficient documents.

Name Correction Fee

Like other airlines, they charge a fee when a customer wants to change his or her name.

A person won’t have to pay anything if they just want to change their name a little bit. Visitors don’t have to pay for this kind of change.

On the other hand, if a visitor wants to change their name in a major way, they will have to pay US$25 as a processing fee.

The fee to change a name is US$200 for domestic passengers and US$700 for foreign passengers.

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