Breeze Airways Seat Selection Policy

Breeze Airways Seat Selection Policy

Experience a higher level of enjoyment while flying with Breeze Airways by choosing your preferred seat. You can choose to sit by the window for great views or sit near the front if you want to get off the plane quickly.

It’s up to you. You can choose a seat with more space for your legs or a regular seat for a comfortable experience. Personalize your flight experience and feel at ease knowing that you have control over your comfort.

How to Select a Seat with Breeze Airways?

The simplest way to choose your seat is when you are buying your plane ticket. You can also add a seat to your current reservation with Breeze Airways. Here are a few steps to follow when choosing your seat after booking:

  • Please log in to the account that you used to create the reservation on either the Breeze app or the website
  • Go to the “Breeze Airways Manage My Booking” page to find information about your upcoming flight.
  • To see more details about your upcoming itinerary, click on the arrow located on the right side. After that, select “View Flight Options.”
  • To edit guest seats, go to the Guest Actions section on the right side of the screen and click on Edit Guest Seats.
  • You can find the seat map for Breeze Airways, where you can choose the seat you want to buy for your outbound flight.
  • A text box will show the price difference. Please make the payment and confirm your seat selection with the airline.
  • Before seat selection, check whether your name on the ticket is correct or not. If not, check out our Breeze Airways name change policy. After a correction on the ticket, you must go ahead and choose a seat.

Types of Seats Offered By Breeze Airways

No matter where you choose to sit, you will feel refreshed when you arrive at your destination with Breeze Airways. This airline offers three types of seats that you can choose from:


Find the most affordable seat on Breeze Airways to reach your desired destination. Make sure your devices stay charged by using the USB-C power outlets available at every seat.

Extra Legroom:

Get more space to stretch out with 33 inches of legroom. You can watch your favorite TV series without using your hands.

Breeze Ascent:

Enjoy a comfortable flying experience in the roomy recliner-style seat at the front of the plane, with 39 inches of space between seats. You can enjoy a comfortable recline and leg rest, along with all the power outlets you need for your electronic devices. These seats can only be found on A220 flights.

How Breeze Airways Assign Seats?

Please provide information on how Breeze Airways assigns seats on their planes and the different fare options they offer.

Nice Fare:

You can buy reserved seats with Nice, including seats in the Extra Legroom and Breeze Ascent sections. If you decide not to purchase a seat ahead of time, you will be given a seat randomly when you check-in.

Nicer Bundle:

When you buy this bundle, you will get a seat in the Extra Legroom section included.

Nicest Bundle:

With this premium bundle from Breeze Airways, you can choose a Breeze Ascent seat at no extra cost.

Group Reservations:

If you are traveling with a group, the easiest way is to make sure you all sit together. It is recommended that you buy and choose your seats on Breeze Airways ahead of time.

Family Seating:

Traveling with children can be quite challenging. However, Breeze makes things simpler by providing free Family seating. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a seat:

  • If you have booked a Nice fare and are traveling with children between the ages of 2 and 12, please read this. Afterward, you have the option to select available seats in the standard seating area specifically designated for families.
  • The seating arrangement allows for two adults to sit for free, along with one seat for a child. When multiple children are traveling, each child will be seated with one adult from their family.
  • When booking with only a lap infant, you can choose regular seat assignments.
  • If you don’t want the regular seats that come with Family seating, you have the option to buy Nicer or Nicest bundle options or upgrade to a better seat.

Important Note: There is no promise that there will be space for a family. So, you should choose your Breeze Airways seat when you book your flight.

Breeze Airways Seat Selection Charges and Fees

The amount you need to pay for Breeze Airways will vary depending on the type of seat you select. The cost can also change depending on factors like your route and fare. The seats with extra legroom on this airline are more expensive than the regular seats. When you choose your seat, the payment amount will be displayed in the payment section.


How Do I Select a Seat With Breeze Airways?

To choose a seat on Breeze Airways, simply log into your account on their app or website. To access your upcoming flight information, simply go to the “My Trips” section. To see more details, simply click on the “View Flight Options” button. To choose your seat from the seat map, simply click on “Edit Seats” in the section. To confirm your seat selection, please make the payment.

What Types of Seats Are Offered by Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways has three types of seats: Standard, Extra Legroom, and Breeze Ascent. The standard seats are the cheapest choice and come with USB-C power outlets. Extra Legroom seats offer 33 inches of legroom and allow you to watch TV without using your hands.

The Breeze Ascent seats are found on A220 flights. These seats are designed like recliners and offer plenty of space with 39 inches of room. They have a comfortable recline feature, a leg rest, and even power outlets for your convenience.

Can I Change the Flight on Breeze Airways?

Yes, You can, but there are some restrictions and charges to change the flight on Breeze Airways. We recommend you check out the Breeze Airways Flight Change Policy before applying for a flight change on Breeze Airways.

How Does Breeze Airways Assign Seats?

Breeze Airways provides various fare options for choosing seats. You can purchase reserved seats with the Nice Fare, which includes Extra Legroom and Breeze Ascent seats. If you don’t buy a seat, you will be given one randomly when you check-in.

The Nicer Bundle gives you a seat in the Extra Legroom section, while the Nicest Bundle lets you choose a Breeze Ascent seat without paying extra. It is a good idea to purchase and select seats in advance for group reservations.

Are There Charges and Fees for Seat Selection With Breeze Airways?

The cost of selecting a seat with Breeze Airways can vary based on the type of seat, the route, and the fare. Seats that have extra legroom usually cost more than regular seats. You will see the payment amount for seat selection while you are choosing your seat.






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