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We understand that travel plans can change, and you’ve come to the right place to update your flight booking. You can easily and quickly improve your trip online with Southwest Airlines Manage Booking. Southwest Airlines is a highly regarded airline that offers excellent services to its passengers.

To have a relaxing and memorable flight, it’s important to carefully review the services offered by each airline. Southwest Airlines offers a managed booking service to help ensure your journey goes smoothly. If you want to find out about flight status, flight schedule, the lowest fares, promotional offers, or any other services, you can find all the information you need here.

The information provided here is real, so you can have a great flight experience with your loved ones.

Steps for Using Southwest Airlines Manage Booking

Would you like to make any changes to your flight? You can easily make changes to your flight with Southwest Airlines by using their managed booking services, by Southwest’s Change Flight Policy. To use the service, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to and then click on Flight.
  • Then, under Flight on the menu, click Manage Reservations.
  • Then, fill in the information about your reservation and click “Search.”
    • Confirmation Number
    • First and Last Name
  • After the website finds your reservation, you can then proceed with your request or make any changes.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after making any changes to your flight. If you receive an email confirming the change, it means that the change was successful.

Services That Are Available Through Southwest Manage Booking

You can use Southwest Airlines Manage Booking to make changes to your flights. If you want to find out about the services you’ll get when you use Southwest Airlines Manage Booking, please read the information below:

Change Flight:

You have the option to change the time and date of your flights up to four hours before departure if something important comes up. This can help you avoid the hassle and expense of canceling your trip. Additionally, we will inform you promptly about any changes to your travel plans.

Seat Selection:

We want you to have the best flight experience possible, whether you enjoy looking out the window or prefer sitting in the aisle. When you make your Southwest airline reservations, you can choose your seat in advance. Whether you prefer a window seat, an aisle seat, or even a seat with extra legroom, you can choose the one that allows you to stretch and get comfortable on board at affordable prices.

Inflight Entertainment:

“The world at your fingertips” means that you can easily access and use the internet, send text messages, and perform various tasks on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Passengers traveling in any cabin class can enjoy free Wi-Fi services. Additionally, on the airlines’ entertainment system, you can enjoy a wide selection of on-demand options. This includes movies, TV shows, music albums, interactive games, and much more.

Meal Option:

Southwest Airlines lets you feed your inner foodie even when you’re in the air. There’s a brand-new menu for you to enjoy on an airplane. Also, if you have a guaranteed reservation in suites, first, business, or premium economy class, you can choose your meal ahead of time. When you book your flight, you can choose your meal in advance by going to the Southwest Airlines Manage Booking page and entering your booking number.

Flight Cancellation:

You can cancel your upcoming flight at any time, as per the airline’s policy. Additionally, you can expect to receive your refund within a timeframe of 7 to 10 days. Airlines will quickly refund your money once they receive your complete refund application.

Additional Services:

Southwest Airlines will make sure there is a working bathroom and enough medical help if there is a delay on the tarmac. If passengers need any other medical help, they should bring their prescriptions so the staff can assist them right away. If you need wheelchair services, you can ask about it when booking your ticket through Southwest Airlines Manage Booking or by contacting our expert.

Change Flight Time:

Changing a flight on Southwest Airlines is free of charge. If the flight you book now is more expensive than your original flight, you might have to pay the extra amount. If the new flight costs less, the airline will give you a refund for the difference in the same way you paid for the original flight.

Name Correction:

According to Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy, passengers can change up to four characters of their first, middle, or last names on their tickets. Southwest Airlines’ policy on name changes says that they will only be considered in legal cases, like when a person gets married or divorced or when a legal name change is made on a Southwest Airlines ticket.

Rebooking Policy:

Airlines might change your travel plans or flights unexpectedly. The airline will give you some money if they make a mistake, but if you want to change or cancel your flight, they will make you pay a fee.

Cancellation Policy:

All tickets bought on the airline’s website would be charged a Southwest ticket cancellation fee that would not be refunded. The Southwest Flight Cancellations policy says that cancellation fees may change based on the booking class, the fare chosen, the time of the request, and other factors. Southwest may also charge its customers a handling fee in the form of taxes and surcharges if they need to cancel a flight.

Baggage Policy:

The TSA will screen and physically inspect checked baggage as needed. Customers might need to provide identification. You can buy name tags at the ticket counters of Southwest Airlines. Make sure to ask for a separate receipt for each piece of luggage after you have checked it. Please ensure that the city listed on the claim check matches the destination. You are not allowed to bring self-defense sprays on Southwest Airlines flights, whether you check them or carry them on.

Pet Policy:

According to the Southwest Airlines Pet Policy, you are allowed to bring your pet with you on the plane. But remember, you can only bring one pet on the plane, and your pet is not allowed in the exit row. Also, it’s important to note that you are not allowed to bring your pet on a connecting flight.

You can bring small vaccinated cats and dogs with you in the cabin under your seat on Southwest Airlines. Pets must be transported in an appropriate carrier, as mentioned in the guidelines. You cannot bring pets with you in the cabin on international flights or on any trip that involves an international flight. Pets will be accepted in the order they arrive until the facility is full.

Book a Flight With Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines understands that its flyers have different preferences, so it offers various hassle-free ways to book air tickets. There are different ways people can access information. Some prefer using the official website, while others prefer offline methods or mobile apps.

The online mode is convenient because passengers can easily book a flight with Southwest without having to go out of their way. Here, we provide information about Southwest reservation procedures for both individuals and groups who want to book a flight.

Passengers have three options to book individual reservations: through the official website, mobile app, or phone call.

Via Website/Online:

Most travelers use Southwest Airlines’ official website to purchase air tickets. Southwest’s website is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for travelers to quickly book their flight tickets without any unnecessary delays.

Follow these Steps:

  • To start, go to the official website of Southwest Airlines, which is
  • Next, click on the ‘Book Flights’ tab to start the process.
  • Afterward, simply complete the necessary information in the provided space.
  • For example, choose the type of travel you want.
  • Next, enter the airports you are departing from and arriving at in the designated fields.
  • Please choose your departure and return dates from the flight calendar.
  • Once you provide all the details, all the available information will be displayed on your screen.
  • Choose the option that fits your budget and schedule the best.
  • After you have confirmed your tickets, please make the payment for your bookings.

Via Phone Number:

You can also make group reservations for your group flyers by calling the customer care phone number.

  • Now, here are the steps you need to take to book your tickets over the phone:
  • First, look up Southwest’s customer service number and get in touch with an agent.
  • Then, follow the IVR instructions given by the automated voice to get in touch with the agent.
  • Next, the agent will ask the passenger for information about their travel plans so that the reservation can be made.
  • After that, the person will make the reservation for you and pay what needs to be paid.
  • Most importantly, make sure you have your government-issued ID card with you when you book a trip.

Via Mobile App:

You can use the mobile app instead of the official website to book a flight with Southwest to any destination. The Southwest mobile app is completely free and offers numerous benefits to enhance your travel experience.

  • First, to start the booking process, go to the booking area of your app and fill out all the necessary information. This will make it easy and quick for you to buy your Southwest tickets.
  • Once you have all the important information, look at the flights and choose the best one.
  • By pressing the bell, you can find out about the latest deals and offers.

Class Types

Southwest Business Select:

Business Select is the most expensive fare option offered by the airline. It comes with some extra perks like a premium boarding location, an alcoholic beverage, and other privileges. Additionally, this fare is refundable if needed.

Southwest Anytime:

Anytime, a similar-priced, flexible ticket that doesn’t have the Business Select features;

Southwest Wanna Get Away:

Each of the three tickets gives you frequent flyer miles, but Business Select gives you the most (12 times the fare) and Wanna Get Away gives you the least (6 times the fare).

Every ticket is free to change, and you can check two bags for free. However, if you want to change your ticket at the last minute, you will have to pay the difference between the original price and the new one.


How Can I Manage My Southwest Airlines Booking?

You can quickly take care of your Southwest Airlines reservation by going to their website or using their mobile app. You can make changes to your flight on the website or app by going to the “Manage Reservations” section. Here, you can do things like update passenger information, choose seats, or change the date and time of your trip.

Can I Change My Flight Details With Southwest Airlines?

Yes, you can make changes to your Southwest Airlines trip. Depending on the type of ticket you bought, you may be able to change the flight date, time, or even location. But it’s important to look at Southwest’s rules for each type of ticket to see if there are any fees or limits.

How Do I Cancel a Flight With Southwest Airlines?

You can call Southwest Airlines’ customer service or go to their website to change or cancel a flight. You can find the choice to cancel your flight in the “Manage Reservations” section of the website or app. It’s important to know that the rules for canceling tickets and getting money back may be different based on the type of ticket you bought.

What Services Can I Access Through Southwest Airlines Manage Booking?

With Southwest Airlines Manage Booking, you can change your flight, choose your seats, check the status of your flight, update passenger details, and ask for a refund, among other things. You can also choose what to watch on the plane, how you want to eat, and if you need a wheelchair.

Can I Get a Refund for My Southwest Airlines Ticket if I Cancel It?

The refund process for canceled Southwest Airlines tickets varies depending on the type of ticket you bought. Tickets such as Anytime, Business Select, and Senior are usually refundable, but tickets like Wanna Get Away are not refundable. To understand if you can get a refund and if there are any fees, it’s a good idea to check the cancellation policy for your ticket type.

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