Air New Zealand Seat Selection Policy

Air New Zealand Seat Selection Policy

When flying with Air New Zealand, you have multiple options for selecting your accommodations. You may choose any of the following options during the seat selection procedure on Air New Zealand.

You can select a seat in the following ways:

  • At booking time
  • After booking
  • By calling the Customer Centre

1- At Booking Time

While reserving your flight online, the airline allows you to choose your seat. Here is a summary of the procedure for your reference.

  • You can access the registration page by visiting the official website.
  • There is a standard reservation procedure
  • Include your arrival and departure dates and locations, as well as other information.
  • Now you can choose the best flight from the results.
  • Follow the on-screen booking instructions and choose your seat.
  • Upon confirmation of payment, you can finalize the reservation.

2- After Booking

Air New Zealand allows you to choose your seat after reserving. You must retrieve your reservation manually or by logging into your account online.

3- By calling the Customer Centre

You may also contact the Air New Zealand contact center and request that a seat be selected for you. However, fees may apply when selecting a seat by contacting Air New Zealand Customer Care.

About Air New Zealand Seat Selection Policy

  1. The seat selection policy of Air New Zealand allows you to select your preferred seat and enjoy the most comfortable and scenic flight possible.
  2. According to Air New Zealand’s seat selection policy, you may select your preferred location at any time during flight booking, after booking, and at check-in.
  3. Air New Zealand typically does not charge a surcharge for selecting a standard seat. However, you must pay a charge to select alternative seats.
  4. Business and higher class passengers can choose their locations almost for free.
  5. You can select your Air New Zealand seats by visiting the company’s website, calling its contact center, or visiting its offices.

Cost for Seat Selection

The price of seats varies by location and by the variety of seats you select. Standard seats are typically free of charge. The specifications of the Air New Zealand seat selection fee are provided elsewhere for your convenience.

On domestic flights, standard seats with a seat and a seat plus a bag cost approximately $5, while a desired seat and an exit row cost $10.

For flexible and Flexi-time tickets, standard seats are free but exit row tickets cost approximately $10.

Long-Distance International Flights: The standard seat cost approximately $20, the preferred seat is approximately $50, the Bassinet row is approximately $25, and the exit row is approximately $105.

Standard seats are free for Flexible and Economic fares, while privileged exit row and Bassinet seats cost approximately $50, $105, and $25, respectively.

Types of Seats in Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand primarily provides four categories of seats for its international passengers. The seats are separated according to convenience, security, and legroom. In addition, you can select these seats during booking, after booking, and check-in. Below is a list of different varieties of seats for your reference.

  • Standard seats
  • Preferred seats
  • Exit row
  • Business row seats

What is a preferred Air New Zealand seat?

You can choose your seat in the location you want on the plane. If you choose preferred seats, you can get priority boarding and access to extra legroom seats and other airfare services. To choose your seats on Air New Zealand, you can go to their website or call their customer support team

Is it worth paying for the sky couch on Air New Zealand?

The sky couch on Air New Zealand is worth it for the reasons listed below.

  • You can enjoy a flat sleeping experience at a good price, which is more comfortable and affordable than premium economy.
  • The boat with a sky couch has three seats and is approximately 1.55 meters long. The width measures approximately 74 cm. The extra space provided by the dimensions makes the journey comfortable without costing too much.
  • Two adults can comfortably sleep together during their journey. When you travel alone, you can comfortably stretch out and watch a movie by crossing your legs or using all three seats.

Air New Zealand offers the sky couch only on long-haul flights. To book it, you can either do it online while making a reservation or visit the “Manage your booking” section after booking.

Is Air Nz Premium Economy Worth It?

It’s worth it because you can get a good balance of luxury and affordability. You’ll also have more personal space and can choose your seat for free. Two carry-on bags, each weighing approximately 7 kilograms. You are allowed to have two pieces of checked luggage, and each piece should weigh no more than 23 kg.

In addition, you will have comfortable seats that allow you to stretch out and recline. You can relax comfortably by reclining your seat and stretching your legs due to the ample legroom.

You can watch different entertainment channels and order food, drinks, and snacks using the touchscreen that is within your reach.

If you want a luxurious experience on Air New Zealand but don’t want to spend a lot of money, consider booking premium economy instead of business class.

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