Air New Zealand Name Correction Policy

Air New Zealand Airlines is known as the best carrier of 2023. They always provide their flyers with the best amenities. This airline makes it easy for passengers to board their flights by helping with tasks like managing reservations and correcting names on tickets.

When booking tickets, people often make mistakes with their first or last names. Air New Zealand has introduced a policy for changing names to fix this issue. This policy allows you to correct your name on your ticket if it was not written correctly. The policy explains various ways to correct your name.

About Air New Zealand Name Correction Policy

Air New Zealand has a name correction policy that requires passengers to have the same name on their reservation ticket, passport, and government-issued ID, with the exact characters in the same order.

If you change any characters in your name on an Air New Zealand ticket, your flight may be canceled. This airline allows passengers to change their names multiple times based on new updates.

To book your flight without any problems, it’s important to visit the website and carefully read the guidelines.

Here are some more rules about changing your name according to Air New Zealand’s policy:

  • If you make a mistake while booking a flight, you can use the name change policy on the flyer to fix it.
  • People who use this carrier can change their names on the ticket in two ways: online or offline.
  • Customers of this carrier can only correct certain typos in their names. Always keep this in mind. This correction can only be a few characters.
  • You can change your name after marriage or divorce using the Air New Zealand change booking name feature.
  • Remember to bring your legal document when changing your name due to marriage or divorce and submitting it to the airline.
  • The New Zealand-based carrier does not allow transferring your booking ticket to another passenger. This option from Air New Zealand allows flyers to change their name on the ticket if they need to update their identity details.
  • If you’re only making small changes to your name, don’t worry about any fees charged by the carrier.
  • Sometimes, the carrier may ask you to pay fees in certain situations.
  • If you book your Air New Zealand Airlines ticket through a third party, make sure to contact your own booking agent for assistance.

Various Methods to Modify Your Names on Air New Zealand Airlines

Choosing a legitimate platform is important when using the name correction technique. This section will reveal the different ways and platforms that the airline has approved. The carrier from New Zealand says they will provide flexible services for people.

It can accept name change applications through various methods. Take some time to understand the different steps involved in Air New Zealand’s policy for changing names.

  • Through Online Method
  • Through Offline Method
  • Through Customer Service Center

1- Online Method

Booking and canceling flights is now easy to do online. It’s easier to change your name online too.

You can easily change the name on your Air New Zealand domestic or international flight online. Passengers can change their names online from anywhere in the world.

Process Given Below:

  1. To start the process of changing your name with Air New Zealand, go to their official website at
  2. To proceed, locate the tab labeled “Manage Booking”. Touch it.
  3. You will have to fill in multiple fields. Please provide your last name and booking reference code.
  4. On the next page, you will see various bookings listed.
  5. Choose the one where you can update your name information.
  6. To correct a name on this airline, simply follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. In New Zealand, the carrier may ask you to pay service fees if they apply.
  8. Air New Zealand Airlines will send you an email to confirm the name change for your flight.

2- Offline Method

If you made a mistake with your name on your ticket and you’re on your way to the airport for your flight, don’t worry. You can change your name details with Air New Zealand by selecting the helpdesk option at the airport. This is an easy way to handle things when you have already left your home for your flight that was scheduled.

Here are the steps to follow when using the Air New Zealand helpdesk option for changing your name:

  1. First, locate the airline counter at the airport.
  2. After that, ask the airport assistant for the help desk.
  3. When you get to the airline’s help desk, talk to the representative and explain what happened with your name on the ticket.
  4. The person from the airline might ask you to show your important documents such as your passport, plane ticket, and ID.
  5. After you submit your documents, they will correct your name if needed.
  6. The policy only allows minor modifications for a specific character.
  7. Once verified, the representative may request payment for any applicable service fees.
  8. Once your name correction is successful, you will receive a confirmation.
  9. Visit Air New Zealand Contact page.

Through Customer Care

Customer service executives are available 24/7 to assist passengers. If customers don’t want to change their name online, they can call to change it on their ticket.

  1. Tell the agent that there was an error in the reservation regarding your name change.
  2. Please explain the reason for the Air New Zealand name change.
  3. If there are any small mistakes in your name, the agent will fix them for you.
  4. The agent might need important details like your complete name, ticket, booking reference number, and flight number.
  5. If you give the agent all the information they need, they may ask you to pay some fees.
  6. If your name is wrong on your ticket, you can either get it corrected or get a new ticket with your correct name.

Name Change Fees on Air New Zealand Flights

This airline doesn’t charge any fees for correcting your name. The name change should have a limit on the number of characters allowed. You can change your name slightly without having to pay any fees to the phone company.

New Zealand, the airline, may ask you to pay for some services in certain situations. Major name alterations typically cost around US$50. To find out the exact amount of fees charged, please contact the operator.

According to Air New Zealand Pet Policy, The fee for bringing pets in cargo will vary based on the size, weight, destination, and time it takes to prepare the necessary pet documents.


Air New Zealand has a policy for changing names on tickets, which can be helpful if a flyer needs to make small changes to its name. It’s important to follow this policy, even if it’s just to fix a few spelling mistakes or change a last name. It doesn’t cost passengers anything to make their flight experience smooth. Reading the policy can help if you’re unsure about changing your name after making a reservation.


Can I Make Corrections to My Air New Zealand Flight Ticket?

You can change small details on your ticket to match your identification according to Air New Zealand’s name change policy. This means fixing any spelling errors on the booking ticket if there are any. Just remember that there is a limit to how many characters you can change when modifying a name.

Can I Change My Name on a Flight Ticket Online?

Air New Zealand now allows passengers to change their name online. To access this operator’s website, simply open the main website. To access your booking information, go to the website and look for the “manage my booking” tab. Then, enter your last name and booking reference number. Select the booking where you need to change your name from the list provided. To correct your name with Air New Zealand, simply follow the directions that appear on the screen according to their name correction policy. Finally, wait for an email from the carrier confirming that your name has been changed on the ticket.

Can I Change My Name on an Air New Zealand Flight Ticket for Free?

Yes, name changes on Air New Zealand tickets are free of charge. This can only occur when your name contains a few blunders. You cannot modify your entire first or last name, only individual characters.

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