Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Delta Airlines Seating Policy: How Do I Choose My Seat?

Delta Airlines offers different seat selection options to passengers, so they can choose the seat that suits their needs and preferences. Passengers can choose from different seating options for a comfortable and enjoyable flight, including economy class and premium cabins. This article will tell you about Delta seat selection. You will learn about the different types of seats you can choose from, how to pick your seat, and some tips for having a good Delta Airlines flight.

Types of Seats Available in Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has different types of seats to make sure everyone can find one that suits their needs and likes. The type of seat you can choose depends on the airplane, the class you are flying in, and the type of ticket you bought. Delta Airlines offers various seating options.

Delta One:

This is the high-end cabin class available on certain domestic and international flights. Travelers can relax in comfortable, fully lying seats, savor delicious meals prepared by top chefs, watch high-quality entertainment, and enjoy other luxurious features.

First Class:

You can find this cabin class on most flights within the country and some flights to other countries. Delta Premium Select seats offer passengers more legroom, comfortable seats, free snacks and drinks, and priority boarding.

Delta Comfort+:

Delta’s premium economy class provides additional legroom, exclusive overhead bin space, and free beer, wine, and spirits on certain flights.

Main Cabin:

Delta’s economy class is comfortable and includes free snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Basic Economy:

Delta Basic Economy is a simple travel option that comes with few benefits. You can only choose your seat when you check in and you can not get a refund or make changes. You will also be the last to board the plane.

How Do I Choose My Seat When Flying With Delta Airlines?

Here’s a simple explanation of how Delta Airlines’ seating selection works:

  • You can choose your seat when you book your flight. If you do not choose your seat for the Delta flight, you will get one assigned to you later.
  • If you bought a Basic Economy ticket, you can not choose your seat beforehand. At check-in, you will be given a seat assignment that cannot be changed later.
  • If you bought a Standard Economy ticket or a higher fare class, you can pick your seat for free when you book your flight or anytime before your flight. Delta has different types of seats to choose from. You can get a regular economy seat, a seat with more legroom, a preferred seat (which is closer to the front of the plane), or a seat in Delta’s premium cabins (like First Class or Delta One).
  • As a Delta SkyMiles member with elite status, you might get free or cheaper seat selection in specific fare classes. If you have a higher status, you will have more choices available to you.
  • Delta has a service called “Delta Comfort+” that gives you more legroom, a special place to put your bags, and other nice things. You can buy these seats or get them for free if you are eligible.
  • If you need help or have specific seating needs like traveling with a pet, needing a bassinet, or want an aisle seat, you can contact Delta’s customer service team to ask for a seat that works for you.

Delta Airlines offers different seat selection options that can be customized to suit your needs and preferences.

Aircraft ModelFirst ClassDelta Comfort+Delta OneDelta Premium SelectMain Cabin
Airbus A220-100121582
Airbus A220-300123088
Airbus A319-1001218102
Airbus A320-2001618123
Airbus A321-2002029142
Airbus A321neo2042132
Airbus A330-2003432168
Airbus A330-300243421144
Airbus A330-900neo562928168
Airbus A350-900363248190
Boeing 717-200122078
Boeing 737-8001636108
Boeing 737-900ER2021139
Boeing 757-2002029150
Boeing 757-3002432178
Boeing 767-300ER3526165
Boeing 767-400ER282620156
Bombardier CRJ-200446
Bombardier CRJ-70091644
Bombardier CRJ-900122038
Embraer E-17092040
Embraer E-175122038

How to choose where to sit on a Delta flight?

  • During booking: When you book your trip, you will be able to choose your seat at that time. Just pick the seat you want from the ones that are open.
  • After booking, if you did not ask Delta to let you choose your seat at check-in, you can log in to your Delta account at any time before your flight and choose your seat there. You can also choose your seat with the Delta app.
  • At check-in: If you have not chosen your seat before check-in, you will be given one then. You can still change your seat at the counter where you check in or at a self-service machine.
  • Pay extra for preferred seating: For an extra fee, Delta offers preferred seating choices like seats with more legroom, seats closer to the front of the plane, or seats with more amenities. You can choose these seats and pay for them when you book your flight or at any time before your trip.

Overall, the best way to choose your seat on a Delta flight is to do it while booking or as soon as possible after booking.

How to choose a seat when booking with Delta Airlines?

Follow these steps during the booking process to choose your seat on a Delta Airlines flight:

  • Visit the main website or app for Delta Airlines.
  • Start the booking process by entering the places where you are leaving from and going to, the dates of your trip, and the number of passengers.
  • On the page that shows the results of your flight search, choose the flight you want.
  • Under “Trip Extras” on the “Review Trip Details” page, you will see a link that says “Select Seats.” Just click it.
  • On the “Select Seats” page, you will see a map of the seats, with the green seats that are openly marked. Click on the seats you want to choose them.
  • After you choose the seat(s) you want, you will be asked to confirm your pick and pay any seat selection fees.
  • You can also Call Customer Care for help choosing a seat on Delta Airlines.

How to Choose a Seat After Booking With Delta Airlines?

Here are the steps to select a seat via Delta Airlines’ manage booking tab:

  • Go to the Delta Airlines website or app.
  • Click on the “Manage My Booking” link.
  • Enter your “confirmation number/ credit card number/ticket number” alongside “first and last name” to access your reservation.
  • Once you are on the page where you can make a reservation, hit the “Seat Selection” button.
  • There will be a seat map that shows you where you can sit on your trip.
  • Click on the spot you want to choose it. Most of the time, you can see which places are still open and which ones have already been taken.
  • If you are happy with the seat you have chosen, click “Confirm” or “Save” to make it official.

If you have any problems or questions, you can get help from Delta Airlines’ customer service.

How much does Delta Airlines charge to choose your seat?

Delta’s costs for seat selection depend on things like the type of fare, your destination, and the seat you want to choose. Delta has different types of fares, such as Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, and First Class. The cost of choosing a seat can change depending on the type of fare.

To find out exactly how much it costs to choose a seat on Delta Airlines, you can call their customer service.


In conclusion, Delta Airlines gives its customers a number of ways to choose their seats to meet their preferences and wants. Delta Airlines makes it easy for its customers to book their flights, from picking their preferred seat location to upgrading to a more spacious or premium seat. Overall, Delta Airlines’ seat selection choices make it easier for passengers to enjoy their flights and add to the airline’s reputation as an industry leader.

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