Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy

If you frequently travel by airplane, you undoubtedly have a preferred seat. If you have such preferences, learning more about Alaska Airlines’s seat selection policy may help you secure a more comfortable seat.

When reserving your flight with Alaska, interactive seat maps will be provided to you and other passengers. There are first-class, premium, and economy-class seats available. Depending on your budget, choose the seating section that best fits your needs and commence the reservation process.

Please read on to discover the restrictions, fees, and costs associated with Alaska Airlines’ seating arrangement.

About Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Not all domestic and international airlines have a policy regarding seat reservations. Despite certain restrictions, this airline offers the Alaska Air seat selection service. Under this service, passengers can select their preferred seat.

For example, passengers can choose between aisle, center, window, and emergency exit seats. When purchasing a ticket for one of the classes on an aircraft, you can reserve a seat. Otherwise, you can pay for it later through the option to Alaska Airlines Manage Bookings.

Alaska Airlines has a dedicated seat allocation process for its passengers. During the registration process, passengers in the main cabin, premium class, and first class can select their seats.

Alternatively, they may select their seat after purchasing their ticket or when they check-in for their flight. However, selecting a seat during ticket purchase provides the greatest number of options, as interactive seat maps are accessible. This airline charges an additional fee for the ability to select your seats in advance.

Types of Seats on Alaska Airlines

In Alaska, there are three categories based on affordability and restrictions. Decide which one fits you best:

  • Economy Seats
  • Premium Seats
  • First-class Seats

Economy Seats: This category includes main cabin seats and basic main cabin seats. There is a modest price difference between $15 and $30. The primary cabin has fewer restrictions than the standard seats. In Alaska, both species may incur additional fees for any additional service.

Premium Seats: Premium Alaska seats offer an extra 4 inches of legroom. Additionally, complimentary beverages are offered. Wi-Fi access is available for travelers’ amusement. Prior to purchasing a ticket for a premium seat, you can consult the Alaska Airlines seat map. In addition, priority boarding is offered for premium class reservations.

First-Class Seats: Alaska First-class tickets are their most expensive option for air travel. In addition to recliner seats, passengers receive up to two free checked luggage. Here, food and beverages are complimentary. When purchasing a ticket on Alaska Airlines, passengers with a large budget for leisure travel can select first-class seating and their preferable seating area.

How Many Ways Can I Select My Alaska Airlines Seat?

Alaska Airlines offers three Seat Selection options: pre-reserved seats, online seat selection, and seat selection at the airport gate.

  • Pre-Reserve A Seat
  • During Check-In
  • Seat Selection At the Airport Gate

Pre-Reserve A Seat

  • First, when buying flights with Alaska Airlines, travelers can choose their seats.
  • Passengers have access to an accurate seat map. Consequently, they are able to select their favored seats due to the configuration of the aircraft.
  • In addition, airlines recommend that passengers select their preferred seat in advance to avoid future price increases for seat selection.
  • The Alaska Airlines check-in seat selection will not provide the greatest number of options. Therefore, selecting locations as soon as the ticket is purchased is ideal.

During Check-In

  • Passengers must not be unhappy if they do not receive their preferred seat when making a reservation.
  • You can choose your seat during online check-in via the Alaska Airlines website or mobile app.
  • Seat selection via online check-in is available from 24 hours prior to flight departure until check-in closes.
  • Occasionally, passengers receive upgraded seats at no cost because so many premium passengers fail to select them.
  • According to Delta Airlines Check-In Policy, You can print a receipt for your flight, upgrade to first class, and alter your seat allotment during online check-in.

Select a Seat at Airpote Gate

  • Passengers of Alaska Airlines can also choose their seats at the airport doors.
  • However, you must check in one hour prior to departure.
  • You must request Alaska travel specialists at the airport in order to obtain a seat if one is available.
  • Occasionally, passengers are able to secure their preferred location.

How Do I Book a Seat on an Alaska Airlines Flight?

Getting your desired seat to appreciate the flight is simple. Here is how to reserve a seat online via the Alaska Airlines seat assignment policy:

  • To avoid a price increase, the passenger must first access the Alaska Airlines website using an anonymous browser.
  • Then, locate the check-in option on the homepage of the Alaska website.
  • Additionally, enter details such as desired destination, reservation option, fare class, etc.
  • You will then see details such as the confirmation code, mileage plan, and e-ticket number.
  • Upon payment of the Alaska seat selection fee, passengers can now select their preferred and reserved seats.
  • Finally, proceed with the payment after selecting a seat based on the allocation map/chart.
  • Confirm your seating selection and obtain your boarding pass with the following payment.

Passengers can reserve their locations at the time of ticket purchase. Otherwise, they may select it 24 hours prior to check-in. Here, they are not required to pay to choose a seat from those that are available.

What Happens If You Don’t Select Your Alaska Airlines Seat?

Alaska Airlines passengers are not required to reserve a seat in advance. Those who do not care where they sit do not need to reserve a seat. However, there is no need to be concerned because the airline designates seats at random.

However, since you have not indicated a preference, there is no chance that the airline will accommodate everyone in your reservation together. These are the consequences of not selecting a seat preference:

  • Alaska Airlines allocates seats at random.
  • There is no guarantee that Alaska will place adjacent chairs for all reservation members.
  • In addition, you are not required to pay additional fees in addition to your ticket price to reserve a seat on the aircraft.
  • You may also receive an aisle/window/emergency exit seat if premium passengers have not selected a complimentary seat assignment and their chair remains empty.

Lastly, Alaska Airlines provides a fee-free option for selecting seats during check-in. Even if you have not yet reserved a seat, you can do so at that time to make your journey more comfortable.


Can I Select My Seat After Booking?

Yes, you can change seats after booking. You can select a seat online or offline.

What Happens if You Don’t Choose a Seat on Alaska Airlines?

After check-in, you will be automatically allocated a seat on the flight. Therefore, if you prefer preferred accommodation, you can purchase it online with Alaska Airlines seat assignment. Also, ensure that you have indicated your seating preference on the seating chart.

Can I Select a Seat Through a Phone Call to Alaska Airlines Customer Care?

Surely. Contact a live agent by dialing 1-800-252-7522. They will schedule a ticket according to your seat preference, budget, and other specifications. You will also receive information about impending offers upon request.

What are Seat Selection Fees?

The booking fee in Alaska can change over time. They may charge $15 for an upgrade, but the price will vary based on the ticket class you selected. Visit the website for confirmation of the seat assignment fee.

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