Air New Zealand Pet Policy

Air New Zealand permits pets to travel as cargo baggage on international flights and as checked baggage on domestic flights. Some airplanes and destinations may have restrictions or limitations on transporting pets.

Only certified service dogs are permitted to travel for free in the passenger cabin with disabled passengers.

Air New Zealand Pet Cargo Policy

If you want to bring your pets on Air New Zealand for international travel, they can only fly as cargo baggage. To transport your pet on Air New Zealand, you need to go through approved pet transporters or IATA agents. Air New Zealand does not accept direct bookings for pets from the public.

Pets Allowed:

Domestic dogs, Cats, and Small Birds.

Pet Age:

To travel internationally with your pet, make sure they meet these requirements: they should be at least 16 weeks old, fully weaned, and have received the necessary vaccinations.


To ensure a smooth departure, it is important to check in your pet at least 1 hour before your scheduled departure time. It is even better to arrive earlier if possible.

Breed Restrictions


Pug, Presa Canario, Pit Bull, Pekingese, Mastiff, Lhasa Apso, Japanese Chin, English Toy Spaniel, Dogue de Bordeaux, Chow Chow, Cane Corso, Bulldog, Brussels Griffon, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Affenpinscher


Persian, Himalayan, Burmese, British Shorthair, and Exotic Shorthair

Temperature Restrictions:

Your pet may not be allowed on the flight if the temperature forecast at any point of the journey (origin, transit, or destination) is below 45°F (7°C) or above 85°F (30°C) due to health concerns.


  • A health certificate was given less than 10 days before the trip.
  • Proof that dogs, cats, and mammals have been vaccinated.
  • For foreign travel, your pet needs a ticket to the country you’re going to.

Pet Crate:

Pet Crate Requirements Must be IATA approved.

Pet Fees:

The fee for bringing pets in cargo will vary based on the size, weight, destination, and time it takes to prepare the necessary pet documents.

Air New Zealand Pet Policy for In-Cabin Pets

Pets are not allowed to travel in the cabin of Air New Zealand aircraft. Professionally trained service dogs that help disabled passengers can travel in the passenger cabin for free.

  • Make sure the service dog is wearing a harness correctly.
  • The passenger should always stay seated and keep their belongings at their feet.
  • To help people with disabilities, a service dog needs to be certified by a professional institute.
  • To ensure proper notification, please inform Air New Zealand at least 48 hours in advance.
  • To ensure a smooth check-in process, please remember to check in with your service dog at least 1 hour before the regular check-in time. Check out Full Air Air New Zealand Check-In Process in Depth.

Air New Zealand Pet Policy for Checked Pets

Air New Zealand permits pets to travel as checked baggage on domestic flights within New Zealand. However, this is only allowed in the cargo section of the aircraft. The temperature and pressure in the cargo section are equal to those in the passenger cabin.

Dogs and cats with short noses (called “brachycephalic”; see above) and very young pets, as well as breeds that are banned, will not be allowed.


  • To ensure a smooth process, please remember to bring your pet to the passenger ticket counter at least 1 hour before your departure time.
  • Make sure your pet is inside the carrier before you reach the terminals in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, or Queenstown.
  • When you arrive at regional airports in New Zealand, you can have your pet on a leash. However, at the check-in counter, you will need to place your pet in a carrier.
  • To bring your pet on board, you will need to pay the pet fee at the Air New Zealand check-in counter.

Pet Carrier Requirements:

  • Must meet the IATA’s requirements.
  • Must make it easy for the pet to stand up, sit down, lie down, and turn around.
  • The size of the pet box must fit through the storage door:
AircraftMax. HeightMax. Width
A32090cm80cm (bulk hold)
A32190cm80cm (bulk hold)

Number of Pets Can Carry Per Carrier:

  • Adult animals that are used to living together can fit in the same container if they are about the same size and weigh up to 14 pounds (30 kg) each.
  • Up to three animals from the same litter that are less than 6 months old can journey in the same pet carrier, as long as their total weight doesn’t go over 19.8 pounds (9 kg).
  • Animals that weigh more than 30 pounds (14 kg) must travel alone.
  • Dogs that weigh more than 88 pounds (40 kg) or are aggressive will not be allowed in hard plastic cases.

According to Air New Zealand Baggage Policy, Air New Zealand allows each person, including children, to bring one piece of carry-on luggage according to their baggage policy. Passengers can bring one small personal item, such as a slim laptop or a small handbag.

Pet Carrier Construction:

  • It can be made of different materials like metal, rigid plastic, fiberglass, welded metal mesh, solid wood, or plywood.
  • Make sure there is enough ventilation.
  • The openings can only be on the top half of three sides, excluding the door.
  • To keep the pet safe, the door should be open but have bars or welded mesh covering it. This will prevent the pet’s nose and paws from sticking out.
  • The door of the carrier must be at the entire end, either hinged or sliding, and it should not be able to be opened accidentally.
  • The floor needs to be both leakproof and sturdy.
  • The inside of the carrier should be smooth and free of any bumps or objects sticking out.
  • Make sure the spacer bar is positioned in the middle, not on the door.
  • The handles of the carrier should make it easy to carry.
  • The carrier can have wheels, but they need to be taken off or made unable to move when it is being carried.
  • The carrier needs to have separate troughs for food and water.
  • You cannot bring any food or water on flights that are less than 4 hours long.


Can I Bring My Pet on Air New Zealand Flights?

Yes, Air New Zealand lets pets fly as cargo on foreign flights and as checked luggage on domestic flights. But some flights and places may not let you bring your pet with you or have rules about it.

Can I Bring My Pet in the Passenger Cabin With Me?

Only service dogs that are certified are permitted to travel for free in the passenger cabin alongside disabled passengers. Pets other than dogs and cats are not permitted in the cabin.

What Types of Pets Are Allowed on Air New Zealand Flights?

Air New Zealand allows pets such as dogs, cats, and small birds to be transported within the country.

What Are the Requirements for Traveling Internationally With a Pet?

If you want to take your pet on Air New Zealand for international travel, your pet needs to be at least 16 weeks old, fully weaned, and have received all the required vaccinations. To book a pet on Air New Zealand, you must go through approved pet transporters or IATA agents. Air New Zealand does not accept direct bookings for pets from the public.

Are There Any Breed Restrictions for Transporting Pets?

Yes, Air New Zealand has breed restrictions for dogs and cats. Some breeds, such as Pug, Presa Canario, Pit Bull, Persian, Himalayan, and others mentioned in the provided data, may have limitations or restrictions. It’s advisable to check with Air New Zealand for specific breed restrictions before planning your trip.

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