Austrian Airlines Pet Policy

Austrian Airlines Pet Policy

Austrian Airlines is a popular European carrier and the national airline of Austria. Pet parents really like them because of their straightforward pet policy. Their goal is to provide clear information and make sure that pet lovers don’t encounter any problems when traveling with their pets.

Pets are allowed to come inside the cabins with their owners, or they can be checked as baggage. You should follow a few rules. Austrian Airlines charges a fee of 50 to 110 EUR if you want to bring your pet inside the cabin.

If you prefer to check your pet as baggage, the fee ranges from 80 to 380 EUR. The specific amount depends on the size of your pet and the destination you are traveling to. You can add your pet through the Manage My Booking option on the website and app.

Pets Travel in Cabin

People can bring small dogs and cats with them into the house. Keep in mind the following standards and sizes for containers.

  • Two pets can fit in one container when someone is traveling.
  • The pet should be at least 3 months old and fully weaned before you get it.

Container Guidelines:

  • Travelers who bring dogs into the cabin must bring a jar with a soft side.
  • The bottom of the bottle should be able to keep water out.
  • It should have enough room for air to flow through.
  • The animal should be able to stay in its normal position while inside the box.
  • The passenger must be able to fit the container under the seat in front of him or her.

Container Dimensions:

LengthWidthHeightMaximum Weight (including the pet)
55 cm40 cm23 cm8 kg

Pet Travel Checked Baggage

If your pet is too big to fit in the main cabin, you can still bring them along by placing them in the luggage hold. Just make sure to follow the transportation rules for pets. When you make a reservation, please remember to provide the dimensions and size of your cat or dog, as well as the dimensions of the carrying crate.

  • Travelers are allowed to carry two pets in a single container.
  • Pets can weigh up to 14 kg.

Container Guidelines:

  • Every pet should be able to stand comfortably and have enough space to move around inside their enclosure.
  • It is important to have boxes available for food and water.
  • Make sure the bottom has a sufficient absorbent pad and is also waterproof.
  • There should be at least three edges with openings for air.
  • It should be consistently strong and very difficult to escape from.
  • Special rules apply to combat dogs and snub-nosed breeds of dogs.

Travel Restrictions

Before you book your flight, please remember to research the laws about bringing your pet in and out of the countries involved. This includes the country you’re leaving, any countries you’ll be stopping in, and the country you’re arriving in. You can find this information at the embassy of each country.

You cannot bring pets inside the cabin when traveling to the countries listed below. Therefore, they must be inspected as luggage.

South Africa, Hong Kong, Northern Ireland, Great Britain

Charges and Fees

RegionsTarget DestinationsPets in the cabinPets as checked baggage (Below 60×45×40 cm)Pets as checked baggage (above 60×45×40 cm)
Intercontinental long distanceBetween Jordan and Europe, Israel, Iraq, Iran, and Egypt110 EUR190 EUR380 EUR
Intercontinental medium distanceBetween Thailand and Europe, Japan, China, Mauritius, Los Angeles, and South Africa100 EUR170 EUR340 EUR
Intercontinental short distanceBetween Jordan and Europe, Israel, Iraq, Iran and Egypt80 EUR130 EUR260 EUR
EuropeEurope including Armenia and Morocco60 EUR100 EUR200 EUR
DomesticFlights within Austria50 EUR80 EUR160 EUR

Breed Restrictions

Austrian Airlines does not allow brachycephalic pets to travel as checked baggage because of their breathing difficulties.

Dog Breed: Boxers, Bulldogs (all types without American bulldogs), Brussels griffons, Japanese chins, Pit Bulls, Boston terriers, Affenpinschers, English toy spaniels, Staffordshire bull terriers, Bull terriers, Pugs (all breeds), Bullmastiffs, American pit bull terriers, Japanese spaniels, Pekinese, Shar Pei, Lhasa apso, Chow Chows, American Staffordshire terriers, Shih tzus.

Cat Breeds: Exotic shorthairs and Scottish fold cats, Persian cats, Himalayan cats, British short-haired cats

Service Animals

Service animals are limited to dogs only. To ensure a safe and uninterrupted flight, it’s important to properly socialize and train your dog to follow your instructions.

Austrian Airlines can refuse to carry your dog or ask you to move it to the freight area for an extra fee if it doesn’t behave properly. You are responsible for any harm or additional costs related to shipping the dog.

You can bring the dog inside the cabin, but there are some conditions that need to be met. Here are the main points for you:

  • When traveling outside the United States, you can bring one service dog on a flight without any additional charge. However, when flying to or from the United States, you are allowed to bring two service dogs for free.
  • Please make sure to provide the certification of the dog’s training.
  • Please make sure to have your dog sit in the space by your feet.
  • Make sure the dog behaves well during the entire flight.
  • The dog cannot sit in any seats.
  • The dog must be at least 16 weeks old.
  • It’s a good idea to have a muzzle on hand for unexpected situations.

Emotional Support Animals

AUSTRIAN does not recognize emotional support animals. If owners are willing to pay the necessary fees and follow the rules, these pets can travel just like any other pets.

Pet Travel Tips

  • To help your pet get used to the carrier, try putting them inside for a few hours at different times. Afterward, give them praise and positive reinforcement.
  • Many animals feel anxious before and during a trip. Please consult your veterinarian to see if they recommend giving your pet a prescription to help them relax. Pets often have unpredictable reactions, which can sometimes lead to problems with their circulation.
  • To help your pet relax, place their favorite toy and a cloth with a familiar scent in the carrier.
  • Consult with your veterinarian about how to modify your pet’s diet for the trip.


In conclusion, Austrian Airlines has a pet-friendly policy that lets small dogs and cats fly in the cabin, while bigger pets can be checked as luggage. There are rules about breeds and other details that make sure pets are safe and comfortable while traveling. There are accommodations for service animals, but mental support animals are not acknowledged. It’s important to follow the airline’s rules and talk to a vet about any plans that might be needed.

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