Pegasus Airlines Manage My Booking

Pegasus Airlines Manage My Booking

Pegasus Airlines is the largest airline in Turkey, offering flights to 475 international and domestic destinations in and out of Turkey. Whether you’re planning a private escape or a family vacation, Sunturk can assist you in reaching your destination.

Booking Your Pegasus Airlines Reservation

  • Choose Dates
  • Select Your Flight
  • Choose Your Seat

Choose Dates:

The first step in making a reservation with Pegasus Airlines is to choose your travel dates. Keep in mind that from mid-December to mid-April, Turkey’s peak travel season, prices may be higher.

Select Your Seat:

After selecting your travel dates, it is time to choose your itineraries. Pegasus Airlines provides numerous flight alternatives, including nonstop flights from a number of Turkish cities to international and domestic destinations. Depending on your budget and travel preferences, you can select your Sunturk flight ticket from the economy, extra comfort, or first-class seating options.

Choose Your Seat:

You will have the option to choose your seat when making your Pegasus Airlines reservation. If you have a specific seat preference, such as a window or aisle seat, be sure to indicate it when you book your Sunturk flight.

Pegasus Airlines Manage My Booking

Sunturk flights manage to Ticket is an online system that enables travelers to monitor and modify their itinerary. This service is offered to all Sunturk passengers with confirmed reservations. By utilizing Sunturk manage booking, passengers can modify their flights, select seating, make special requests, and more.

Access Sunturk’s Manage Booking

To get access to Pegasus Airlines’ booking management system, passengers must first visit the Sunturk website. The user should then navigate to the “My Trips” tab and input their confirmation number and last name. After accessing their reservation, they can make any necessary modifications.

How to Access Sunturk Manage Booking:

Passengers must first visit the Sunturk website in order to access the Pegasus Airlines manage booking page. From there, they should click the “My Trips” tab and input their confirmation number and last name. After gaining access to their reservation, they can make any necessary modifications.

Benefits of Pegasus Airlines Manage Booking

Sunturk Manage booking provides a variety of features that enable travelers to personalize their itineraries. With Pegasus Airlines manage to book, you can perform the following:

  • Cancel or Change a Flight
  • Seat Selection
  • Add Special Req.
  • Upgrade Seat
  • Check Flight Status

Cancel or Change a Flight:

According to Pegasus Airlines Flight Change policy, If you require changes to your Sunturk flight, such as the date or time, you can do so through Pegasus Airlines manage to book. Those who are eligible can also change their flight and request a refund.

Seat Selection:

In addition to managing reservations, Pegasus Airlines permits passengers to choose their seats in advance. Those who wish to remain together with their traveling companions or have specific seating preferences will find this feature particularly useful.

Add Special Req.

Passengers can also add special requests to their Sunturk flight reservation, such as a special meal, mobility assistance, or additional storage space.

Upgrade Seat:

In case you wish to upgrade your seat to a higher class, such as from economy to Sunturk business class, Sunturk manages to book and also allows passengers to do so. Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy helps you select the most convenient seat for you.

Check Flight Status

Finally, Pegasus Airlines allows passengers to verify the status of their Sunturk flight, including delays and cancellations.

Name Correction

This feature is very good; with the use of this feature, you can make corrections to your flight ticket. but you must know about the Pegasus Airlines Name Change Policy.


Using Pegasus Airlines to manage to book has many benefits. It is a convenient method to modify your travel itinerary without calling or visiting a travel agent. Additionally, using Sunturk to manage your bookings can save you time and money by averting fees that may be charged for modifications made through other channels.

Tips for Using Manage My Booking

If you plan to use Pegasus Airlines to manage bookings, keep the following in mind:

  • Know About the Deadline for Making Changes
  • Keep Your Phone Handy
  • Check Flight Status Regularly

Know About the Deadline for Making Changes

Pegasus Airlines has a deadline for itinerary modifications. Be careful to verify this deadline before attempting to modify your reservation.

Keep Your Phone Handy:

To access Pegasus Airlines’ manage booking, you will need your confirmation number. Keep this number accessible in case any adjustments are necessary.

Check Flight Status Regularly:

Even if you have already verified the status of your flight through Pegasus Airlines’ manage booking, be sure to do so frequently, as flight schedules are subject to change.

Packing Tips:

Be sure to prepare everything you’ll need for your Turkey trip before your flight. Remember that Pegasus Airlines allows one carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a purse or laptop case, on board.

Check-In and Boarding:

You can check in for your Sunturk trip either online or at the airport. Pegasus Airlines also has self-service booths and mobile check-in at a few airports. Make sure to get to the airport at least two hours before your flight to give yourself time to go through security and board.

In-Flight Amenities:

Pegasus Airlines gives a wide range of services to make your trip more enjoyable. Sunturk offers free entertainment, food, snacks, and drinks while in the air.

Pegasus Airlines Customer Service

You can get in touch with Pegasus Airlines’ customer service team through the phone, email, live chat, social media, or a virtual helper. You can choose the choice that works best for you based on your wants and preferences.

  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media

Email Support:

Sunturk Customer Support Email:

Live Chat:

Pegasus Airlines Live Chat:

Social Media:


Pegasus Airlines has teamed up with Sunturk to provide a convenient online booking and reservation management service. Travelers have the convenience of being able to easily modify their itineraries, select seats, add special requests, and check the status of their flights. Make sure you know the deadline for making changes, keep your confirmation number handy and regularly check the status of your flight. Make your travel experience easy and stress-free with Pegasus Airlines!

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