Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Booking flight tickets is becoming easier as airlines are becoming more user-friendly. The simple menu makes it easy for people to handle their reservations. Customers should know the baggage policy of the airline they are traveling with before boarding a flight. 

The Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy allows customers to pack their essential items easily. When packing your luggage, the most important thing is to prioritize the order. Spirit Flights has guidelines and standards that passengers are expected to follow.

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost airline that provides great service for traveling within the United States and internationally. It started in 1983 and now it flies regular flights within the United States. Free Spirit is the name of Spirit Airlines’ frequent flier program. 

Spirit Airlines offers convenient online booking, affordable fares, and comfortable deluxe seating options that attract many customers. Spirit Airlines provides comfortable and luxurious domestic routes for passengers, which is unique compared to other airlines.

About Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

When airfares are cheap, you may have to pay a lot of money to bring your luggage with you. Spirit Airlines is a budget airline that offers ultra-low-cost flights. The article about the baggage policy is posted here to inform readers. We’ve explained how to avoid or reduce baggage fees, whether you’re bringing carry-on or checked baggage.

When you book your flight, you might need to pay about $43 for bringing a carry-on bag and almost $38 for checking your first bag.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy Includes:

  • One personal item: Cost nothing
  • One small carry-on item: There may be fees.
  • Carry-on baggage: There may be fees.
  • Checked baggage: If you check more than 2 bags, you have to pay a fee for each one.
  • Oversize baggage: Depending on the size of the bag, there is a fee.  
  • Overweight baggage: Fees are based on how much stuff you have.
  • Some sports things may have a charge.

Spirit Airlines has different rules and limits for carry-on bags and packed bags. Read the whole piece to learn more about Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy.

According to Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy, online check-in is done without the bags, the bags can be checked in at the curbside Spirit Airlines check-in counter at the airport at the time of boarding.

Spirit Baggage Allowance

  • All fees for bags cannot be refunded and must be paid in full before you leave.
  • Bags that are checked: Spirit Airlines lets each person have up to five bags that are checked. There are restrictions on where you can go and when you can go.
  • There must always be a name tag on each piece of luggage. The bags can only be checked at the final location and the next stopping airport.
  • When a customer refuses to let Spirit Airlines check their bags, Spirit has the right to refuse them and throw them away. Baggage will not be moved to other planes unless the person is already on that flight.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees/Cost

There are different fees for carry-on and checked bags on Spirit Airlines. Read on to learn more about Spirit Airlines baggage fees and costs.

Carry-on Baggage Fees: 

At the airport booking center/kiosk:$55USD
At the gate of the airport:$65USD
Prior to online check-in:$45USD
While online check-in-$45USD
While booking:$35USD

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Fees:

Prior to online check-in:$40USD
While booking:$30USD
While online check-in:$40USD
At the airport ticket booking counter/kiosk:$50USD

Spirit Airlines Excess Baggage Fees

If you have more than two bags, you have to pay Spirit Airlines extra baggage fees. You can see how much those fees are below.

While booking:$85USD
While online check-in:$95USD
Prior to online check-in:$95USD
At the airport ticket booking kiosk/counter:$100USD

Spirit Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee

When a passenger’s bag weighs more than the norm (23 kilograms or 50 pounds), they have to pay a fee to Spirit Airlines. The fees that Spirit Airlines charges for bags that are too heavy are listed below.

  • 18 to 23 kg (41 to 50 lbs): $30 USD per extra bag
  • 51 to 70 pounds (23 to 32 kilograms): $55 USD per extra bag
  • 32 to 45 kg, or 71 to 100 lb: $100USD per extra baggage
  • Bags that weigh more than 100 pounds or 46 kilograms will not be allowed to be checked.
  • From December 1 to January 10, checked bags on foreign trips to or from the U.S. must weigh less than 23 kilograms (50 pounds).

Spirit Airlines’ Oversize Baggage Fee   

Spirit Airlines charges $100 USD for bags that are between 158 and 203 centimeters (63 and 80 linear inches) long, and $150 USD for bags that are between 203 and 406 centimeters (80 and 160 linear inches) long. Spirit Airlines will not take any bags that are bigger than 406 centimeters, which is 160 square inches.


How to Add Additional Baggage?

You can use Spirit Airlines Manage Booking features to add additional baggage.

What is the baggage Policy of Spirit Airlines?

Passengers can bring one personal item for free on Spirit Airlines. You might have to pay extra fees for small carry-on items, carry-on baggage, checked baggage, oversize baggage, and overweight baggage. You may have to pay extra for certain sports items.

How Much Does Spirit Airlines Charge for Carry-on and Checked Baggage?

The cost of bringing a carry-on bag on Spirit Airlines varies based on when you book your flight or check-in. The prices vary between $35 USD and $65 USD. The cost of checked baggage is between $30 USD and $50 USD. The exact amount depends on when you book or check-in.

Are There Any Fees for Oversized or Overweight Baggage on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines does charge extra for bags that are too big or too heavy. There is a $100 USD fee for bags that are between 63 and 80 linear inches long. The fee is $150 USD for bags with a length between 80 and 160 inches. We won’t take bags that are bigger than 160 square inches. Depending on how much the bag weighs, the fee ranges from $30 USD to $100 USD.

What Are the Limitations and Rules for Carry-on and Checked Bags on Spirit Airlines?

One personal item can be brought on Spirit Airlines for free. Spirit Airlines’ website is the best place to find the most up-to-date information about size and weight limits for carry-on and checked bags. Also, passengers are told to make sure that each piece of luggage has a name tag and that bags can only be checked at the end location or the next airport.

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