Copa Airlines Baggage Policy

Copa Airlines has a great service for booking flights at a price that’s easy on the wallet, and its baggage policy has a lot of great features. It’s also a great service that lets you pick the best ticket class and get ready to choose the best seat to reserve ahead of time.

Most of the people who fly on this airline think it’s great in many ways while they’re in the air. So, if you want to know the Copa Airlines baggage policy, you should read this page carefully to find out everything you need to know about carry-on and checked bags, limits, sports equipment bags, and things that are delayed, damaged, or lost.

Copa Airlines Baggage Policy Guide

Copa Airlines lets you bring personal items and special luggage onto the plane with you. These items must fit easily in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. Before you choose the right bag for your Copa Airlines trip, you should read the rules to find out everything you need to know.

  • Baggage size
  • Personal items
  • Fee Info

Baggage Size:

In Economy class, you can bring two 23-kg bags for free, but if you have more than three, you’ll have to pay extra. All bags that exceed the number of pieces, maximum weight, size, and measurements will be carried as carry-on bags by Copa Airlines, as long as there is room in the plane.

Personal Items:

  • Backpack,
  • A Purse.
  • Food to be eaten onboard aircraft.
  • A briefcase.
  • A Laptop bag, etc.

Copa Airlines has both domestic and foreign flights, and if you want to bring a carry-on bag, you need to make sure it doesn’t weigh more than 118 cm (liner inches). A carry-on bag is a type of luggage that passengers can bring on board a flight.

There are different kinds of people who need to bring a 10-kilogram bag on domestic and international trips, such as

  • PreferMember Silver,
  • PreferMember Presidential,
  • PreferMember Platinum,
  • PreferMember Gold, and so on.

Fee Info:

Some bags that don’t go over the weight and size limits are free. But each piece of the bag can be up to 62 inches tall, wide, or long, and that doesn’t include the wheels. But if it’s more than that and includes all classes, Copa Airlines would charge $40 to $175 per person for their bags.

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Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Policy Guide

Copa Airlines makes you choose the best-packed bags for your trip, and you may have to pay extra if you have an extra bag or one that is too big or heavy. You also need to pay attention to the rules when there is a baggage ban.

Here Are the Important Points About the Size of Checked Bags:

  • You can go for all checked bags that are the right size and don’t exceed 62 inches in height, length, and width all added together.
  • In business class, your bags shouldn’t take up more than 159 inches of linear space when put together.
  • If you have luggage with wheels, the length of the box does not include the length of the wheels.

Fee Info:

If your bags are too big or too heavy, you have to pay USD 100 to USD 200 per person. On an overseas trip, you could get information about fees ranging from $40 to $175 per person in both Economy and business class.

Copa Airlines Baggage Restrictions Guide

Here are some of the most important rules about bags that you should know. You can pick from a lot of everyday things that can be very dangerous on a plane. You need to be aware of some of the things that you can’t bring with you on a Copa Airlines flight.

  • Electronic Cigarettes.
  • Fragile elements and glass objects.
  • Gas Cylinders.
  • Heat-producing items.
  • Human remains.
  • Camping stoves and fuel containers and so on.

So, if you want to avoid these things and fly with Copa Airlines, you should look at the Copa Airlines Baggage Allowance, which tells you to bring some useful bags to make your flight more comfortable.

Copa Airlines Sports Equipment Policy

The best thing about Copa Airlines is that they have a great strategy for equipment. They divide it into two groups: small sports equipment and big sports equipment. You can get in touch with Miles Prefer Members and Star Alliance Gold travelers who can check sports equipment as part of their bags for a lower weight fee and no oversize fee. Most people who bring more than the number of items allowed in their bag allowance will have to pay a fee of USD 150.00 per piece of sports equipment that they can easily carry on the plane.

Small Sports Equipment:

According to Baggage Policy, this kind of tool could be carried as part of the passenger’s luggage limit. It lets you know how much, how big, and how many pieces of bags you can bring.

If you’re a Connect Miles Prefer Member or a Star Airlines Gold traveler and you have more bags than you’re allowed, you’ll have to pay a fee of USD 150 to USD 175.

Small Sports Equipment List:

  • Archery Equipment.
  • Bowling Equipment.
  • Fishing Equipment.
  • Paintball Equipment.
  • Golf Equipment and so on.

Large Sports Equipment:

Large sports equipment can be carried on both foreign and domestic trips for a fee of USD 150. You can choose the best luggage you want to bring on the plane. It’s also connected to Connect Miles, which means that Prefer Member and Star Alliance Gold passengers can check large sports equipment as part of their baggage limit if it exceeds the number of things they can take in the large sports equipment.

large sports equipment List:

  • Dividing Equipment.
  • Inflatable Kayaks.
  • Pole valuating Equipment and so on.

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Copa Airlines Delayed and Damaged Baggage Policy

If you’ve finished your trip and are waiting for your bags, you need to make sure they don’t get lost, damaged, or held up. But after you get off the plane, if you find that your bags are late, damaged, or lost, you can file a complaint with Copa Airlines’ customer service. They can help you and also teach you a great Copa Airlines Baggage Policy that makes you more likely to find your claim.


  • If your bag says it will be late, you should first look at your ticket and see what the state of your bag’s delivery is.
  • When your bag is late, you need to put the file reference number and name into the box. You can find these on your ticket.
  • You can easily make a claim about a delay, damage, or missing item on its booking website. Choose the booking information and then the reservation center to get help right away.
  • You can report things that were lost or broken on board the plane and enter all of the booking information to find a great way to get your money back.
  • You have to file a report within 7 days of the flight’s arrival and keep track of the missing things, which you will find out about soon at the baggage service office.

If you have checked bags with Copa Airlines and want to know more about them or need help in other ways, you can always contact our customer service team, which is ready to help you at any time.

How Much Does It Cost for a Copa Flight to Check a Bag?

The fee for baggage may change based on the type of price class, whether or not you are a regular user, and the route of the trip.

  • The size of your checked bag should not be bigger than 158 cm (height + width + length).
  • Bags that are 159 cm to 294 cm long will be considered “excess baggage.”
  • If a bag is bigger than 294 cm, it will be moved to the goods area and not counted as luggage.
  • The scale doesn’t take into account the bags’ wheels.

Copa Airlines Baggae Fees

Oversize Baggage Fees:

If the size is more than 158 cm, the customer will have to pay a luggage fee of USD 150.

Overweight Baggage Fees:

If a bag weighs between 24 kg and 32 kg, the person has to pay a USD 100 baggage fee. If your bag weighs more than 33 kg but less than 45 kg, you will have to pay USD 200.


Does Copa Let You Check a Bag for Free?

Copa Airlines doesn’t let checked bags be bigger than 158 cm, or 62 inches. If a person has more than the allowed number of checked bags, they have to pay a fee to take the extra bags. For foreign trips and flights with business class, each passenger is allowed to check in two bags.

How Many Bags Can You Bring on a Trip With Copa Airlines?

A Copa Airlines passenger can bring three bags with them on a trip. If a person goes over the limit, they have to pay a Copa luggage fee. This fee depends on the size and weight of the extra baggage, as well as the type of ticket the passenger has.

With Copa’s Basic Economy, Can I Check a Bag?

Copa Airlines lets passengers with a basic economy ticket check one bag weighing up to 23 kg, or 50 pounds, on both local and international trips. If a person goes over the limit, they have to pay a fee that will stay between USD 100 and USD 200.

Can I Carry More Than Two Bags on Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines lets passengers in Business class and economy on international trips each check two bags. If a person has more bags than what is allowed, they will have to pay an extra fee. The fee for extra bags stays between US$40 and US$175.

Can I Pay My Copa Airlines Baggage Fees in Cash?

Copa Airlines lets passengers pay the baggage fee with cash, a credit card, a debit card, or one of several ways to pay online.

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