Copa Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Copa Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Did you decide to reserve your favorite seat on the plane for your future trip? Few airlines have rules that give you a lot of freedom when you book a seat. For example, Copa Airlines lets you choose from 4 different types of seats an hour before the trip.

Copa Airlines does let you choose your seat, but there are some rules about booking, canceling, and getting your money back.

Read to find out how to reserve a place and how much it will cost.

About Copa Airlines Seat Selection Policy

You can choose seats on Copa Airlines when you buy your ticket after you buy it, or when you check in online up to an hour before your flight leaves. After paying the seat assignment fee, you can choose from four types of seats:

Economy Extra: The seats lean back and give you more room for your legs. On some planes, it also has reserved a room in the overhead bins and a personal touch screen.

Convenient: These seats are in the front of the Economy section and have more space for your legs.

Emergency Exit: The emergency seats are in the middle of the plane and have an extra 4 inches of legroom compared to normal seats. But passengers with pets and some other types of tourists can’t sit here because of security and other issues.

Regular Seats: All of the normal seats in the main cabin from the middle to the back of the plane have standard legroom of 31 inches. Through pre-selection, people who want to sit together can choose or avoid the middle places.

Get in touch with customer service right away to find out if you can get the seat you want and how much you might have to pay to hold it.

Note: In case you have difficulty making a correction to your flight ticket, then you must check out Copa Airlines’ name correction policy. It will help you change your name on your Copa Airlines flight ticket.

How to Choose Seats on Copa Airlines?

Passengers can choose a place before they buy a ticket after they buy a ticket, or when they check in online. How to choose a seat on Copa Airlines in economy class or any other class:

During Ticket Purchase:

When you make a reservation, you can choose a place before you leave at any time. The Copa Airlines seat selection policy lets you choose from 4 different kinds of seats.

  • First, go to the airline’s official website or app on your phone.
  • Go to the page where you can book your trip.
  • Press Enter after you’ve filled in the location, date, number of passengers, and flight type.
  • You can add a seat from the Copa Airlines Seat Maps by following the steps.
  • Lastly, pay the ticket fee and the fee for choosing your seat.

You can choose any place on the map, as long as it is available and follows the rules. If you have to switch flights, the airline may move your seat choice to the new flight (if the fare is different).

After Purchasing Ticket:

You can choose your Copa Airlines seat up to 24 hours before your flight leaves, even if you didn’t do it when you bought the ticket.

  • Check out the airlines’ online websites.
  • Also, go to the home page and click on the tab that shows “My Trips.”
  • Click the button that shows Go to my trips.
  • The ticket code and last name must also be entered.
  • Click the button that shows “Find Your Reservation.”
  • Then, pull up your reservation and look for the Copa Airlines seating choice.
  • Check the seat map to see how much your seat costs.

During Check-In:

Even if you don’t choose your Copa Airlines seat before or after buying your ticket, you can still do so when you check in for your flight online. Web check-in lets you choose your seat up to an hour before the flight leaves.

  • Go to the airline’s website or app on your phone.
  • Also, on the site, click “Web Check-in.”
  • Add your last name and the number of your reservation, e-ticket, or Miles Account.
  • Press the web check-in button to get back to your reservation.
  • You can now choose your seats on a Copa Airlines flight and print your boarding pass.
  • But you might have to pay for a place to choose from the ones that are available.
  • Also, Read Copa Airlines Check-In Policy

How to Change or Revise Seat on Copa Airlines?

Your Copa Airlines tickets are already booked and have a seat assignment, but you no longer want to fly in that place. In this case, you can choose a new spot or change the one you already have. Process:

  • Visit the main website.
  • Then, go to the site and find Manage My Booking.
  • Enter your purchase information and get your ticket.
  • After that, go to seat selection and change your choice of spot.

If there are less than 24 hours left, you can use the web check-in option on the homepage to change your seat pick and enter your information.

Copa Airlines Seat Selection Fees

Estimates show that the cost of premium seats or any seat in the main cabin on Copa Airlines starts at $8 per passenger per part of the trip. Depending on the type of ticket, the distance, and how much time is left before the flight takes off, each person may have to pay up to $90. The Copa Airlines seat selection fee is only charged to people in basic economy. For everyone else in economy and business class, the fee will be waived.

How do I Choose My Own Seat for Free on Copa Airlines?

The seating choice A lot of people can fly on Copa for free. If you are one of these types of tourists, you can choose your seat in advance for free.

  • Customers who are going with service animals.
  • Also, people with limited physical or motor challenges who travel with a partner.
  • Also, members of ConnectMiles with their Prefer status.
  • During check-in, people under 15 years old can get free seats next to an adult companion.

Lastly, up to seven people who are traveling with a Prefer Passenger can get free seats if they are on the same ticket.

Copa Airlines Seat Selection Conditions

If you buy a seat pick when you book a flight with Copa Airlines, the following rules will apply:

  • The fee is charged per person, per part of the trip, and it includes taxes.
  • Also, the price to book a seat changes depending on how and when you buy it.
  • The fee for picking a seat is non-refundable and cannot be given to someone else. It is also only good for the part of the trip that was paid for.
  • You can ask for a refund if you can’t get a similar or better choice because of business, security, or safety reasons.
  • Passengers must check in 60 minutes before the flight leaves and be at the gate 45 minutes before the flight leaves, or they may lose their assigned seats.


How Much Does It Cost to Cancel or Change a Copa Airlines Reservation?

The cost to modify or cancel a Copa Airlines reservation depends on several factors, including the type of fare, the destination, and the time of cancellation. Changes or cancellations typically incur a fee, which can range from $100 to $400 USD.

Do Military Personnel Get Extra Discounts on Copa Airlines?

Yes, Copa Airlines offers military personnel and their families discounts. You must contact the Copa Airlines customer service number and provide proof of military service to obtain the discount.

Can I Select My Desired Seat on Copa Airlines?

Yes, you can choose your seat during the booking process or when managing your reservation online. Nevertheless, seat selection fees may apply for some price types.

About Copa Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

ConnectMiles is the name of Copa Airlines’ frequent traveler program, which enables members to earn and redeem miles for flights, upgrades, and other benefits. ConnectMiles, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the four membership tiers, with increasing benefits and privileges.

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