Pegasus Airlines Baggage Policy

Pegasus Airlines Baggage Policy

In this post, we will discuss the baggage policy of Pegasus Airlines. Baggage is a very important item during travel by air. You must comply with the baggage policy. After reading this post, you will be aware of all your queries about baggage.

About Pegasus Airlines Baggage Policy

If you have a regular basic fare with Pegasus Airlines, here’s what you need to know about their baggage policy:

  • 1 carry-on item – Fee free
  • Checked baggage / Hold luggage – Fee per each bag
  • Overweight and excess bags – Applicable fees per bag
  • Sports equipment – Certain items might have applicable fees.

Pegasus Airlines’ Carry-on Baggage Policy

Pegasus Airlines lets each passenger bring one carry-on bag and one personal item (such as a purse, briefcase, laptop bag, umbrella, or duty-free bag) without any extra charge.

Your carry-on bag must be within the size and weight limits.

  • 20 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm
  • 8 kg

NOTE: If you sit in a bulkhead seat, you can’t store your bags under your seat. You have to put all your carry-on bags in the overhead bin when the plane takes off and lands.

Pegasus Airlines Checked Baggage / Hold Luggage Policy

The amount of checked baggage or hold luggage allowed by Pegasus Airlines (PC) depends on the ticket class.

  • This applies to flights within Turkey and flights to Northern Cyprus:
  • You can only bring up to 15 kg of luggage.
  • Benefit: You can carry a maximum of 20 kg of luggage.
  • You can only bring up to 25 kg of luggage as an extra.
  • During flights that travel between different countries:
  • You are not allowed to bring checked baggage.
  • You can only bring up to 20 kg of luggage.
  • You are allowed to carry a maximum of 20 kg of luggage.
  • You can only bring luggage that weighs up to 25 kg.
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Children who are under 2 years old can bring up to 10kg of baggage, but they are not allowed to buy extra baggage. Use Pegasus Airlines Manage My Booking to Add Additional Baggage.

Pegasus Airlines Overweight Baggage Fees

If you bring more luggage than your allowance on Pegasus Airlines (PC), you will have to pay extra fees. It is cheaper to pay for excess baggage before arriving at the airport. If you’re flying within Turkey, you’ll need to pay extra for any baggage that weighs more than the allowed limit.

The cost is 4 TL per kilogram for one flight, and 8 TL per kilogram for connecting flights within Turkey. However, if you buy the excess baggage in advance, you’ll pay a lower price. If you’re flying within the country and need to pay extra for your baggage at the airport, here’s what you’ll pay: – 8 TL per kilogram for one flight – 30 TL per kilogram for bags under 20 kg on connecting flights within the country – 12 TL per kilogram for bags over 20 kg on connecting flights within the country The fees for extra baggage on international flights and flights to

Cyprus depends on when you buy it and where you’re going. You can find fees for international flights and flights to Cyprus separately.

For International Flight: Click here

For Cyprus Flight: Click Here

Pegasus Airlines Sports Equipment Fees

Yes. The cost varies based on the kind of sports gear and if the flight is within the country or outside. Here are the fees:

EquipmentDomestic Flight Price (TRY)International Flight Price (USD)
Golf set1520
Diving equipment3015
Other special equipment4545

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