Pegasus Airlines Flight Delay Policy

Oh! Your flight gets delayed for many hours. Don’t worry; Pegasus Airlines gave you compensation if your flight got delayed. In this post, we will cover everything about Pegasus Airlines’ delayed flights. After reading this post, you will get all the answers to your questions.

Pegasus Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

Imagine this situation: You bought tickets for a Pegasus Airlines flight, but when you arrived at the airport, you found out that the flight is either delayed or canceled. What should you do if that happens? Can you get paid for the trouble you experienced?

It’s not a straightforward answer and may differ. Pegasus Airlines is a low-cost airline based in Turkey. If your flight is disrupted and it originated from the EU or UK, you may be eligible for compensation. Air passenger rights are protected by EU Regulation 261 and its UK counterpart, making this possible.

If you’re a passenger traveling with Pegasus Airlines from the EU or UK, you might be able to get compensation if any of the following things have happened:

  • If your flight reached your destination more than 3 hours later than scheduled, it is considered a flight delay.
  • If Pegasus Airlines cancels your flight and told you less than 14 days before your departure, this is a canceled flight.
  • If you couldn’t board your flight because it was overbooked.
  • If you were delayed on one of your flights and missed your connecting flight, and as a result, arrived at your destination three or more hours later than planned.

Note: If you face issues during check-in, please check out Pegasus Airlines’ check-in policy before going to check in.

What Are My Pegasus Airlines Flight Cancellation Rights?

Your rights under EU and UK air passenger rights law include:

  • up to €600 (£520) non-ticket-related compensation
  • Includes 3-year-old Pegasus Airlines flight delays
  • Covers delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights.

How Do I Claim or Apply Pegasus Delay Compensation?

If your flight with Pegasus Airlines arrives more than 3 hours late at your final destination, you might be able to get up to €600 (£520) as a refund by filling out a claim form for delayed flight compensation under EC 261. You can use our flight delay compensation calculator for free to find out how much compensation you are entitled to. You have to apply for a refund from the manage my booking Tab.

If there are extraordinary circumstances or force majeure, Pegasus Airlines won’t have to pay compensation for delayed flights. If bad weather or any airport-related issue causes a delay in the flight departure time, it is considered an extraordinary circumstance. If you were denied compensation, technical issues, airline staff strikes, or operational problems are not acceptable reasons.

How Can I Get Compensation for a Cancelled Pegasus Airlines Flight?

If your flight gets canceled, you still have the right to receive compensation. You can ask for a refund or your full ticket price if you don’t want to fly anymore. We have a guide page dedicated to explaining your rights for compensation in case of a canceled flight.

Pegasus Airlines Flight Refund Policy

Flight compensation and a refund are not the same thing. You can get both a cancellation refund and compensation according to the regulations.

If your flight gets canceled, the airline will try to put you on a similar flight. But if that’s not possible, you’ll get a full cash refund. Your claim will most likely be successful, as long as there are no exceptional circumstances that are beyond the control of the airline.

If Pegasus Airlines cancels your flight due to reasons beyond their control, like Covid travel restrictions or a serious illness, and they don’t offer you another flight, you can get a full refund for your ticket. This is because the flight you booked is not available anymore.

You can get a complete refund either in cash or through credit. You can only use vouchers if you give your explicit consent. We suggest not accepting vouchers because they may have a short expiration date and limitations on how they can be used.

If Your Pegasus Airlines Flight is Delayed or Cancelled, What Should You Do?

If Pegasus Airlines delays or cancels your flight, make sure to take the necessary steps to ensure that the airline respects your rights and you can claim compensation for your flight. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure to ask the airline staff about the reason for the delay or cancellation.
  • Collect evidence of the disruption such as pictures, receipts for expenses, your Pegasus Airlines booking number, vouchers, and any other relevant documents.
  • Make sure you ask for the basic benefits and services that you are entitled to at the airport. If you need it, ask for a hotel room for the night.
  • Make sure you are familiar with Pegasus Airlines’ change policy Before changing your flight.

Pegasus Airlines Flight Cancellations

Pegasus Airlines says that if a flight is canceled because of things that are not their fault, like bad weather or problems at the airport, they are not responsible. When there are extraordinary circumstances, Pegasus Airlines won’t give you a refund for a missed flight.

If your flight gets canceled, airlines will usually try to book you on the next available flight without any extra cost. You have three options: you can agree to the proposed flight, request a different replacement flight, or ask for a reimbursement if you are not satisfied with any of the options offered.

If Pegasus Airlines cancels your flight, you have the right to either be put on another flight or get a full refund according to the EU 261 Regulation on air passenger rights.

If you were told about the flight cancellation less than 14 days before your departure date, you might be eligible for up to €600 (£520) per person in compensation. You might be eligible for compensation from Pegasus Airlines if your initial flight arrived more than 3 hours later than its scheduled arrival time.

EU 261 Compensation Claim

  • Distance Compensation: Flights less than 1,500 km. Each person can receive up to €250 (£220).
  • Pegasus Airlines Flights within a country cover a distance of more than 1,500 kilometers. Each person can receive up to €400 (£350).
  • Flights that are not within the EU and have a distance between 1,500 and 3,500 km. Each person can receive up to €400 (£350).
  • Pegasus Airlines offers international flights that are longer than 3,500 km. Each person can receive up to €600 (£520).


If Your Pegasus Airlines Flight is Cancelled, What Should You Do?

Make sure to check with the airline ticket desk to confirm why a flight has been canceled. Make sure to keep receipts for any extra expenses so you can get reimbursed later. If your flight is delayed for 3 hours or more, you can ask the airline to give you food and drinks.

If your new flight is leaving the next day, the airline has to give you a hotel room and transportation. Use our free online compensation calculator to see if you qualify for compensation and submit a refund request for Pegasus Airlines cancellation.

Can I Get a Refund if My Flight Cancels?

If Pegasus Airlines cancels your flight, they are required to give you a refund for the price of your ticket. If you choose to cancel your flight on your own, you will not get a refund. If you have a flexible fare with Pegasus Airlines, you can reschedule your flight to a later date with minimal cost. However, their cancellation policy is generally restrictive.

How Many Hours Must a Flight Be Delayed to Qualify for Compensation From Pegasus Airlines?

According to EU Regulation EC261, a flight must be delayed for at least three hours to be eligible for compensation. The quantity of compensation you may be entitled to may vary based on the distance of your flight and other variables. However, determining whether your Pegasus Airlines flight is eligible for compensation is simple and quick.

How Much Compensation Can You Receive for a Pegasus Airlines Flight Delay?

If you fly within the European Union (EU) for less than 1,500 kilometers, you can receive compensation of up to €250 (£205) per individual. If your flight exceeds 1,500 kilometers while remaining within EU borders, you may be compensated up to €400 (£330) per person.

For flights that are farther away but have a destination within the EU and cover between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers, they can compensate passengers up to €400 (£330). Finally, if the international journey is longer than 3,500 kilometers, anticipate receiving €600 per passenger!

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