Avelo Airlines Pet Policy

Avelo Airlines provides a comfortable and safe experience for all passengers, even those who travel with their pets. The Avelo Airlines pet policy is designed to make sure everyone has a good experience. The guidelines provide information on how to transport cats and dogs in the cabin or as checked baggage.

Before traveling with your pet, please review the policy provided below. Passengers are required to follow specific rules and conditions:

Pet Travel In Cabin

We welcome small cats, dogs, bunnies, and birds on board. You need a container that can fit under the seat in front of you and is big enough for your pet. It can be either hard-sided or soft-sided.

Carrier Size

Avelo allows you to bring either soft containers or hard-sided enclosures for your carrier. The dimensions should be 14 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 9.5 inches in height.

Cabin Pet Travel Restrictions

Each person is allowed to have only one pet carrier. Also,

  • Each pet carrier can hold a maximum of two small cats or dogs.
  • A mother dog or cat with puppies or kittens that are 6 to 12 weeks old, or up to three puppies or kittens from the same litter that are between 6 months and 1 year old.
  • Make sure the cage is large enough for all the animals.

Pet Travel In Cabin Fees

The pet fee for each pet carrier on Avelo Airlines is $125 per passenger for each leg of the journey.

Pets Trave as Checked Baggage

Pets are not allowed to travel in the baggage hold on Avelo Airlines.

Rules, Requirements & Restrictions for Service Animals

Avelo welcomes service animals that have received proper training to fly with them. A service animal that is individually trained will do tasks or work for a person with a physical or mental disability. Only dogs are allowed as trained assistance animals.

To fly with your service animal, you need to bring the Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation form to the Avelo Airlines check-in counter on the day you’re leaving.

  • The date on the form must be on or after the date you bought your ticket.
  • If the paperwork is missing or not full, the animal might not be able to go on the trip.

Following Conditions Must Follow

  • Avelo Airlines lets owners bring their service animals on flights for free.
  • A service animal is a dog that is specially trained to help a person with a disability by doing tasks or work for them.
  • You can bring service animals in the cabin, but they need to be on a leash or harness and stay under your control.
  • To ensure that a service animal is proper and necessary for a passenger’s disability, we need certain documents. These include proof of vaccinations for the animal and a letter from a doctor or licensed mental health professional confirming that the animal is indeed a service animal and is required for the passenger’s disability.
  • Service animals and emotional support animals are not the same.

Here Are Some Travel Restrictions to Consider for Service Animals

According to Avelo Airlines’ pet policy, there are certain travel restrictions that you need to be aware of:

  • You can’t sit in an emergency exit seat if you have a trained service animal with you.
  • In the rare event of an emergency, the animal must be put so that it doesn’t get in the way of you leaving quickly.
  • If you choose to bring your trained service animal in a cage, you must keep it safe under the seat in front of you during taxi, takeoff, and landing.
  • You can sit with an animal or put it on the floor of the plane.
  • No animals may:
    • Extend your arm towards the aisle of the airplane.
    • Use a tray table.
    • Move to the seat next to you.

How to Book an Online Ticket for a Service Animal?

Please let the company know ahead of time if you want to fly with an approved service animal.

  • Check the box next to “Special Assistance” on the Add-ons page when making a new ticket to let the airline know you will be flying with a trained service animal.
  • If you have already made an appointment, click the “Change/Cancel” link on the home page.
  • Next, fill in the required information, and then click “Submit” on the Service Animal Form.
  • On that page, tap the “Add-ons” link.
  • After making a choice in the “Special Assistance” section, click “Save” and the information will be added to the reservation.
  • According to Avelo Airlines Unaccompanied Policy, They permit children to travel alone without a guardian. There may be extra charges for this service.

Traveling with Pet as Cargo

The airline does not provide cargo services for pets.

How to Book Pet with Avelo Airlines?

If you want to book a ticket for pet travel with Avelo Airlines, you should reach out to the airline directly. They can provide you with information about their policies and procedures for traveling with pets.

  • To make sure your pet is allowed, you’ll need to give details about its breed, size, and health. Additionally, you’ll have to provide documentation, like a health certificate from a veterinarian.
  • In addition, you will have to pay extra fees for pet travel, like a pet fee or a fee for bringing your pet into the cabin.
  • After you have collected all the required information and documents, you can get in touch with the airline to book a reservation for your pet.


Can I Bring My Pet on Board With Avelo Airlines?

Avelo Airlines allows small cats, dogs, bunnies, and birds to travel in the cabin. You need to store them in a container that can fit under the seat in front of you.

What Are the Dimensions Allowed for Pet Carriers on Avelo Airlines?

The pet carriers on Avelo Airlines should have dimensions of 14 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 9.5 inches in height.

How Much is the Pet Fee for Traveling in the Cabin With Avelo Airlines?

On Avelo Airlines, there is a pet fee of $125 per passenger for each leg of the journey for each pet carrier.

Can I Travel With a Service Animal on Avelo Airlines?

Avelo Airlines is happy to accept trained service animals that help people with disabilities. Trained assistance animals must be dogs. You need specific documents and forms when traveling with a service animal.

Does Avelo Airlines Offer Cargo Services for Pets?

No, Avelo Airlines does not offer cargo services for pets.

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